Book Title: More or Less

Author: Jeff Shinabarger

Year of Publication: 2013

Pages: 270

While I am a sucker for good books, I still have my fears about reading unfamiliar authors except by recommendation. So while waiting to receive the ‘spirit of adventure’ , I stick with my Max Lucado’s, Francine, Swindolls et al. But this time, I broke the rules and grabbed my first of Jeff Shinaberger’s books and I am glad I did.

It’s a book on generosity!

The question of “How much is enough?” Remains unanswered in the life of a lot of us. How much clothes, food, money, furniture, and even groceries is enough? Think about that.

More or Less is not a-fold-your-hands-and-read book, No! It is an action book. I cleared my wardrobe before I was done reading it. I gave out stuffs I have been procrastinating giving out. You know those excesses we keep telling ourselves we should leave for ‘just-in-case’ situations? Yea, I threw them out cos those ‘just-in-case’ situations never came, they never will.

And speaking of gifts, he wrote explicitly about what the word gift really means.

A gift is a gift, something we release out of our goodwill and without expecting anything in return. Anything less or more is not a gift.

Have you ever received a gift? I bet the answer is Yes.

Have you ever felt guilty that you didn’t get the person a gift after receiving theirs? 

Truth is most times we feel the need to give something back to the person in the nearest future as a thank you for the gift we received?

So we are pressured into thinking about what gift to give to the person who gave us a gift.

Then when we finally return the kind gift, we feel satisfied.

Sometimes we even unconsciously expect a gift from a friend who we have given a gift to previously.

Well, Jeff calls this kind of gift a gift-for-a-gift gift.

I have been guilty of this a few times because I neglected the meaning of the word gift. Now I know better.

How about we just give and forget about what we can get in return? That way, materialism looses it’s grip on us.

Generosity is a lifestyle, a healthy habit that we desperately need in our day.

Everyone one of us has an excess this or an excess that that can be someone else’s breakthrough. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e

Life wasn’t meant to be lived with excesses, they only litter and clutter our lives. Why not grab this beautiful book and be challenged to become that generous person God made you to be and live more. . . with less.

There is no better time than now!

Have a great weekend ahead and don’t forget to do some cleaning out.

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