There is barely any human being who doesn’t have wishes, desires and dreams.

Everybody does but the only thing that differentiates us is that some put their hands to work while others sit around and just…wish.

Sometimes we voice our wishes, we say things like “I wish I was working in so and so company”, “I wish I was in living in Canada”, “I wish I was done with my PhD”, “I wish I was married”, “I wish I have built my own house…” the list is endless. The wishes of the human heart are almost insatiable and just like we would say “If wishes were horses, beggars will ride too.”

I am not left out in this circle. I have a number of wishes too but one day it dawned on me that mere wishes never come to fruition. A lot of times we wish for things and do absolutely nothing about them. We are too lazy to do the work required to get it even when they are the noblest of wishes.

For example, I have met people with an uncommon devotion and closeness to Jesus. They enjoy such a deep communion with the Holy Spirit that I can only wish for at the moment. While I am wishing for this, oftentimes, I am lazy to sit down and study God’s word adequately and end up spending more time at work or with other people than I do deliberately seeking God in the place of prayer and his word.

Don’t get me wrong, you can experience God’s presence in your workplace and you should but this cannot replace delibrate, habitual communion with him privately.

Wishing is easy and absolutely free but the discipline required to bring them to reality is not.

Most of us wish to have great marriages and relationships but find it difficult to get down to the root and do the work required. It never happens overnight or passively.

Whether it is relationship with friends, your spouse or your children, you must work the work of communication, selflessness, care and love. You must be ready to give up your time and sacrifice yourself to make this happen. This, I must say is hard work.

Sometimes our wishes are desires God pours into our heart and once we take the first step, he pours in so much grace that it would look like a miracle. Other times you will need perseverance and Patience. Either ways, get down to work. Get your hands muddied.

Things don’t come by merely wishing for them but by deliberate, consistent effort our wishes become desires that God pours His resources into and hands us the blessing we ask for.

Don’t sit around wishing things were different, what have you done to make them different? If you don’t act, they will remain mere wishes.

This is a new month and a new week, there is no better time to start walking the talk and working the thoughts.

Have a blessed week.

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