The only childhood memory I have of my Father was that he kept failing to keep his promisie of buying me a new dress anytime I took first position in class (which I did very term).

I really wanted the dress so one term after I took first position in Primary three, I told him that if he didn’t buy it this time, then I’ll buy a dress for him instead.

I didn’t bother about how to get the money, I was just tired of his failed promises. #smiles.

Thankfully, he bought me a dress and I can never forget how it looked; that’s how precious it was to me.

Some years ago, I did a mini survey and discovered many people’s childhood was not very different from mine.

Many people my age had bad experiences with their Fathers and grew up with failed promises. Some fathers didn’t/couldn’t provide for their families and yet kept having many wives and children, others treated their wives like trash, while others simply had no clue about what it meant to be a Father.

This is not to negate the fact that some people had great father’s who could take a grenade for them. But some weren’t so privileged and had to grow up with overburdened mothers who did their best to raise them.

The truth is, many Fathers didn’t know any better, life was hard on them and their Father’s didn’t raise them any differently. They were actually trying their best but life was harsh on them and they reacted harshly.

My joy is that men of our days have woken up!

Now, I see Father’s going all the way for their families especially in raising them in the ways of God. I see Father’s who are leaders in their homes and lead with so much wisdom the wives have no doubt following them.

I see Father’s who travail in the place of prayer for Christ to be formed in their children!

I see Fathers who continuously sacrifice their comfort for that of their family. They’ll rather not eat until their family is fed.

I see Fathers with an undying and unconditional love for their families, unwevearing commitment to their wives and an unshakable devotion to their marriage.

They will stop at nothing in loving their kids even when it requires tough love and discipline.

Gone are the days when our Fathers saw church as a ‘women’s thing’ and will send us off to church with our mothers while they sat at home and wasted away in a glass of liquor.

Gone are the days when our Fathers did not know God.

Now, they have taken their rightful place as Priests in their homes and leaders who steer the ship of the home.

Many Fatherhood and Parenting books, messages and seminars are helping Fathers fulfill their God-given role and most importantly the Holy Spirit is teaching His sons how to be good Fathers.

This gives me great joy!

I am excited that there are still great Fathers, and I can attest to the fact that while people of my generation didn’t totally have excellent Fathers, men of this generation have learnt their lesson (Men in Christ o).

They are doing their best to be everything our own Fathers were not and they are doing a great job.

I know this because I have an amazing Husband who is everything I ever wanted in a Father and more. Today and always, I celebrate him and pray he enjoys God’s Fatherly blessings! Amen!

Just this morning, I told him that there are 363 Mother’s Day in a year, one day for Children’s Day and the remaining day for Father’s Day. Lol!

Please let’s not sleep on it.

Drop a prayer or comment for our wonderful Fathers.

Finally, I’ll tell you something about my husband that’s sweeps me off my feet every single time: he puts me first all the time and makes great sacrifices for my baby and I; he never puts himself before us! That, for me is everything I want in a father.

What about you? Let me know what you think in the comment section. I’ll be waiting.

Do have a blessed week and Happy Father’s Day!

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