Many youths waste their youthful energy in some legitimate indulgences that are practically untimely. What this does to a man is that it retards your growth and prevents you from developing yourself. It decreases your mental capability and saps you of the ability to think and be creative as God wants you to be. Hence you see vibrant youths that should be grossly involved in nation building, burning out their strength on youthful exuberances and being unproductive because that energy has been spent on the wrong things.



Let’s say dating for example, most people want to date a guy/girl who they have no intention to marry. They just want to be in a relationship for the fun of it or because others are in it.



When they do this, they turn on the fire of love and with its flames, it burns greatly with such intensity that it already burns out before they finally get married and they are left with the ashes. They enter marriage with no burning love (because they awakened love before its time) and no energy to make it work or the resilience to keep it going.



Love is like a fire, a wild fire that consumes its subject…

Ever watched a bush set on fire???


It’s an amazing site.


You see it aglow- that glow in a girls eye when she thinks she is in love

You see it burn with so much energy and speed – that energy in a young man’s desire to have a maiden and the speed with which he pursues her.



You hear its crackling sounds- those words that sends butterflies into a girls stomach when she hears them… like, “I cant live without you” (story!!!)

You feel its heat- that contagious feeling they mutually permit and nurture

A burning fire doesn’t care so much about what it is consuming. All it does is burn, so it burns all it can, while it can. It is only at the end when the fire goes out that you see the real site…you find the valuables all in shambles.

The once glowing scene is now obscured, with much smoke all over the place, so much you can barely see.



As time goes on, the stench fills the place and replaces the once sweet aroma of green plants and the pleasant bird songs that once drew your attention. All you see around is base creatures, seeking what are left for them to devour.




Though people gather, but they do so shaking their heads in pity and telling the story of how it has ravaged their treasures… if only this fire was not started at all, or was put out in good time, they lament!



Why do they say so? They are now seeing the ashes- the once green, luxuriant vegetation is now a pile of ashes. Its black or ash with no life- the green is gone.

It is so light and spent that the wind comes and carries it away and gradually, it is gone and the land is left empty and barren.




No tree, no fruit, no food for the hungry and the thousands it was created to feed are left to await another Messiah. It is left to lie fallow and desolate- a land forsaken!



Ungodly, directionless relationship is one of the biggest forms of distraction as a youth, even if you are not having sex. It drains your youthful energy.



If we must get God-results in our relationships and marriage, then we must do relationship and marriage Gods way.



Let no one into your heart, who God has not put there!!!



Songs of Solomon 3:5 Oh let me warn you sisters in Jerusalem, by the gazelles, yes by all the wild deer: Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe – and you are ready (MSG)



Promise me, o women of Jerusalem by the gazelles and wild deer, not to awaken love until the time is right. (NLT)



Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires (NIV)


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