Hey guys,

Let me tell you a story.
It’s the story of the first guy that ‘chyked’ me.

I was only 12, about to turn 13 and officially become a proper teenager. His name was Uche (never got to know his surname). He was a relative of my Uncles’ wife and we had all come to the village for Christmas. I never even got to know his age but I guess he was between 17-19years at that time.

He used to come to my house to see my cousin and anytime he came, I gave him plenty food. One day, my cousin told me that Uche was a good guy and that he liked me, so she set us up for a meeting outside the house.

We met at a nearby junction, I still remember what I wore that day; my signature white top on a red and black lycra skirt that went far below my knee. It was my favourite outfit.

We got talking and Uche said “I love you, do you love me? Please tell me that you love me.”

My head was bowed. I was solving some mathematical equations with my toe in the cool village sand and biting my fingers gently as my body swung from east to west in harmony to a song that never existed.

How will I know about love at that age? I knew I liked people, but love? … I didn’t have such feelings for any guy yet.
I shyly answered “I dont know.”

He tried to pressure me to look into his eyes and answer in the affirmative and my stubborn self refused to answer. That’s was how I carried my two legs and ran back to my house.

My mother’s words became the wings on which I flew “When a boy says he loves you, he hates you, all he wants is to get you pregnant. Once he touches you, you will become pregnant and he will deny you. You will become a dropout while he will still be going to school.” Haha!

Y’all know how our African Mothers raised us. I literally ran home.

But that was not the end!

Two days later, I lied to my mom that I was going to see my grandma and left the house to go and see Uche. There were no phones then so I started searching for his house. I walked through the neighborhood he had described earlier and even asked some villagers if they knew where he lived.

‘But Nasa, what are you going to do in a boys house on a merry evening?’

‘I was searching for my lover.’ Lol

I still laugh when I remember I did all that, but the good news is; I never found Uche’s house and I never saw him again.

Thinking about it now, I imagine all the things that could have gone wrong and I realize that it was God’s love looking out for me. I was young and unaware of this Love yet it saved me right in time.

I know it wasn’t just my mom’s words that saved the day because I’ve seen people with parents who were more strict and they still got into the wrong hands.

You know the beautiful thing about God’s love? It didn’t start today, He was right there when I wasn’t even aware of it and didn’t even recognize Him.

It still amazes me that every time I look back at the events of my life, I see God’s love splattered all over, even in the tiny details.

This Love found me when I wasn’t even searching for him and swept me off in a relentless tide of affection. The waves grabbed me and washed over me, letting me sink into it’s depths so I can rise on it’s wings.

This Love is vast, deep and…fierce!

This day as we celebrate God’s love towards mankind, I want you to walk back through the tracks of your life and see this love on display even when you didn’t notice.

Right from when you were conceived, Love was there, forming your inward parts!

When you didn’t know or acknowledge Him, Love was there, patiently looking out for you!

When you were at the verge of making a wrong turn, Love was there, redirecting you!

In the midst of your fears, doubts and life’s uncertainties, Love is still here reassuring you!

This Love has a name! This Love is Jesus! This Love will never let you go!

God’s love is so detailed that it reaches to the least of us even in our lowest moments.

That’s why you can rest in Him, not just on Easter but everyday until forever!

God loves you fiercely and He will never stop.

Happy Easter!

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