“One day at a time, sweet Jesus!
That’s all I’m asking from you,
Just give me the strength to do every day,
All I have to do…”

We all know and sing this song but right after letting the words out, we do the exact opposite- we want to have our life figured out.

When I was in undergraduate school, I was told to plan my life and write down where I want to be in the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

I always had trouble doing this and I never seemed to be able to come up with mind blowing feats like some of my friends.

This made me feel terrible and a lot of times, I worried that I didn’t have great plans.

But when God started opening my eyes to understand His ways, I began to clearly see that no man can accurately plot the graph of his life and tell in clear terms all that they will be.

Joseph couldn’t, Moses couldn’t, neither could Ruth and other bible characters. These men only followed God and lived one day at at time.

Though they couldn’t see all from the beginning, they yielded themselves and beautifully played out God’s script for their lives.

How could Joseph have plotted or planned his way to the palace?

Even if he tried to, he would never have planned to take that path God eventually led him through. But as we can now see, God was at work, every step of the way.

If you are like me and you like to figure out things and know them before hand, living one day at a time can be quite challenging.

Life is always full of uncertainties and nobody wants to be caught off guard. We want to make adequate plans and anticipate events even before they happen.

We want to know the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ and make sure all ‘I’s are dotted and all ‘T’s crossed.

We want to make profitable investments that are risk proof. We want to save for the future and secure it.

We don’t want our children to suffer or be in want. We do all these because life can be so unpredictable.

But guess what? Life is unpredictable and that is one reason you should live one day at a time. And then, I have a better reason: God said you should! Taking God at his word is the best and safest thing you can do in life.

Living one day at a time doesn’t mean you can’t save, invest or plan. It only means your life shouldn’t depend on them.

It means you allow God to lead you in the best pathway for your life and not try to scheme your way through life.

It also means you learn to occupy with whatever your hand finds to do today and be faithful in it until the next one comes.

This is the most difficult yet easiest way to live.

Our world is fast paced and everyone is always on the move unto the next big thing.

But for you, child of God learn to pause, wait and live; one day after the other.

Slow down!

Everyday, Every season, every test, every lesson and every leap are all working together to bring you to the place God has prepared for you. None is a waste, none is unimportant and none should be missed.

Embrace all God has for you every single day and don’t try to run away from the process.

There is no such thing as overnight growth but growth comes from a culmination of the daily steps we take, how be it small and shaky but steady.

So my dear friend, don’t worry about tomorrow and I mean it literally. Learn to live one day at a time.

Remember, if you can’t add a cubit to your stature by worrying, what else can you do?

Have a blessed wweek ahead

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