I know you all came with popping eyes to read this letter; well, the feeling is mutual cos I also came to read it.

Don’t laugh yet, the truth is that when it comes to talking about my husband, the writer in me is always lost for words because words are never enough. So I’ll just do a summary because there is no letter here to read!

The first time I saw my husband eight years ago, I knew I had seen a man I loved with all my heart and I knew this love was not fleeting.

The best part is he was the first man I felt this way about. That’s why I always consider myself blessed to be one of those who married their first love.

It was actually love at first sight for me but the Christian sister in me had to wait for him to lead the way while I behaved as though I felt nothing.

I remember that day so well that a thousand years wouldn’t clear the memory. I remember how I hurried back to my hostel after we spoke, leaned against my wardrope and actually cried.

I wept out loud!

I cried because I had never felt that way for any man in my life and I even querried God for allowing me to ‘fall’ in love.

This was eight years ago and to be honest, I still melt when I look into his eyes.

Truth is, we’ve been through a lot that was meant to change these feelings but they only brought us into deeper realms of intimacy.

On this day seven years ago, this handsome dude I had just met few months back traveled from Enugu to Abakaliki to see me without transport fare.

When I asked him how he came, he said he came by faith. That was the beginning of the many sacrifices my husband has been making for me.

Seven years and two kids later, we are still living by faith. I love this kind of faith!

Today, I celebrate the man I loved and still love. I am not surprised at the wonder he has become, yet I’m in awe at who God is making him into and where He is taking us to.

I am glad I married a simple man, not one with many words. I am glad I married a kind man, one that can shake heaven and earth for me.

I am glad our love is forever!

I am glad I married him!

Now and always, he has my heart and no matter what happens, nothing is going to change that.

He remains my addiction and I’m never going to get over him!

I would appreciate if everyone that came to read this letter would say a prayer for my husband in the comment section and thank him for being amazing!


PS: This has to be my favourite picture of us. It reminds me of those days when we could not kiss yet and I really wanted to kiss him. I’m grateful that now I get to kiss him all I want and do every other thing in between. #smiles#

This picture was taken during one of our many meetings. We met at Amy’s family house so that the children of God will not sin against their God. Lol.. Thanks @amyrachylove for the hospitality.

By the way, there’s no letter here, I already gave him the letter I wrote for him. Lol. Thanks all the same for falling for it and stopping by!

Amen to all your prayers!

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