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Right now, everyone of us is waiting for something. A lot of us are ‘trapped’ in our homes and can’t wait to get outside to normal life.

People are waiting to travel, others are waiting to get married, still some are waiting to resume their businesses, graduate from school or start a family.

The period of waiting is not an easy time especially when we don’t know for how long we need to wait. If only we knew, then we wouldn’t be so anxious and worried. But as it is now, waiting can become a bore and to some, a burden.

Every time I think about the events going on in the world at the moment, especially the global pandemic, I imagine how a lot of people are having to cope with differing degrees of distress, delays, disappointments, cancelled plans, anxiety and even pain.

Everyone is looking for a ray of hope, any at all. We want someone to tell us that this will be over soon but alas the news broadcast offers no hope. So all we can do is wait…and hope.

Waiting is hard work! It is tough and can be unpleasant especially in our fast paced world. But the waiting season can be one of the most beautiful seasons of your life.

In my opinion, how you wait is more important than how long you wait. Merely sitting around and doing nothing is a recipe for boredom and in the same way, grumbling and complaining while waiting does more harm than good.

Here are a few things that will help you in this waiting season:

Understand that everyone is affected and in more than one way. You are not the only one whose plans have been suspended and have to fold her hands and watch events unfold. Some are even in more dire situations and have to deal with more heartache.

Understand that God alone is God and you are not. Truth remains that there are certain seasons that you can change or get away from but there are others that are beyond your power, this is one of them.

There is little you can do because you are not God. Reconcile yourself with this fact, and if you have been blaming yourself for the turn out of events, stop! It’s not your fault.

I know you had plans and they have gone south, but remember; God causes all things to work together for our good.

Dont measure your productivity with that of others. Your friend has read 20 books in one month, and you have read only 6, don’t let it drive you into the comparison trap. Understand the difference between challenge and competition and don’t fall for the latter.

Regulate what you let into your head and heart. There is so much going on especially on social media. Isolate yourself from unhealthy news and discussions. Learn to redeem the time because the days are evil.

Keep improving yourself and learning new skills as much as you can. But don’t get pressured into an area you have no interest in and will abandon after the lockdown.

Finally, waiting is beautiful! It has a way of refreshing us and helping us clean out our clutter. We come out refined, rejuvenated and ready for the next task.

It helps us see our humanity and relinquish control to God who alone can control the universe.

I believe if you trust God and let him ride your life, you will not only stay strong through this season, but come out with a renewed mind, a refined spirit and a refreshed body.

You will grow closer to Him more than ever and you will learn to love and live fully!

This is how I have decided to wait. What about you? Are you waiting productively or are you still tied down, wondering when this will be over?

I would love to hear from you, so let me know how you are waiting in the comment box.

Do have a Fruitful week!

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