Hey guys,

This post has been a long time coming. Everyday, I am reminded that I need to share this on my blog and I keep telling myself that I’ll wait till I have learned the lesson completely, but recently, I realised it’s gonna take a lifetime.

And with all that has happened this year, you and I could use a little encouragement.

We’ve heard a lot about trusting God and yet, we fail at it a lot of times. I believe this is because even though we learn to trust God in daily steps, situations will always arise where we will need to learn to trust again.

Sadly, a lot of us have given up because we felt God disappointed us at some point because things didn’t go how we planned.

In those tough times, you need to remind yourself of all that God has done in the past. I do this a lot! When trust seems difficult, I count my blessings and consciously remember times God had come through for me. This gives me renewed hope and strengthens my faith for the present and future.

Presently, I am learning to trust God in the most natural of ways- the way a suckling child depends on his/her mother for food.

Every time I feed my baby and watch him suckle, I am reminded of how it should be between us and God.

My baby never bothers whether there’ll be enough food for him. That’s my own ‘headache’. He never worries that he’ll be out of milk or wonder if there’ll be some left for tomorrow. No! All he knows is that when he needs it, he will let out a cry and the milk comes to him.

He’ll never be able to exhaust all the milk no matter how much he sucks. In fact, the more he sucks, the more milk is produced to meet his demands till he is filled.

Isn’t that how it is with God? Will he ever run out of resources for us? Will he ever complain that we are disturbing Him? Will he ever get exhausted because too many people depend on Him? Never!

Even though this comparison is inadequate and can never measure up to God’s abundance, it gives me a tiny view of how much easier life can be when we learn to exercise a continuous, child-like trust in God.

At every step of the way, we need to trust God. As we trust him for the seemingly small things, it builds our faith to trust Him for the bigger ones. Though trusting God can be taught verbally, it cannot be learned except through life’s experiences. This is God’s way of refining us until our hearts become one with his.

Nothing is more beautiful than a man whose heart is wholly set on the Lord. Mark this man, for his end is peace.

Are you this man?

Do you feel like your faith is weary? It is time to trust again and again.

This week, now and always; never get weary of putting your trust in God.

Have a blessed week ahead!


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