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If you are having troubles balancing this fast paced generation we are in because there is so much going on, I shared a few things that could help:

Learn Contentment
As we all know, a lot of people live a fake life on Social media and yet we crave to be like them or have what they claim to have.

Not everyone preaching on social media believe a dime of what they are saying, talk is so cheap anybody can afford it. So don’t fall for lies people post because they have an android phone and a timeline that is solely theirs.

Don’t kill yourself over carefully edited images that don’t exist in real life and even if they do, it’s not your business. It is vain to compare your life with what you see on social media. You may just die before your time.

No Idols please
Anything we are devoted to more than God is an idol, however legitimate. If keeping up with trends is contending with keeping up with your communication with God, then watch out; You are getting closer to your phone than to God.

It is an abuse (abnormal use) of social media to be chatting or surfing when you are in Church, an important meeting or attending to people at work. We must learn to do the right things at the right time or become slaves to this God-inspired invention.

For those of us who like to take sermon notes with our phones, please have a hardcopy notepad if you know that you will occasionally turn on your data and branch to social media.

Use social media but don’t let it use you
Go ahead and do your businesses online, build healthy relationships, take courses, learn different cultures and connect with friends but never let any social media platform gain mastery over you.

Instead of using it to create problems in the society or propagate an already existing problem, use it to solve problems.

For example: When you share your business or sell your products online, you are using social media but when you forward unscrupulous messages as received, you are letting social media use you.

Becoming a veritable tool in inciting tribal wars, religious fights and panic makes you a cheap and readily available tool in the hands of social media not to even talk about the fact that you ain’t making any dime from it.Those gory videos you share sap your data and add no value to your life or anyones’.

Consciously refuse to forward as received!

Don’t join unreasonable rants that only lead to name calling and fights. Learn to keep your cool and mind your business.

Finally, social media is what you make out of it- a tool or a boss.

Have a fruitful week ahead.

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