I remember when I finished secondary school and wrote entrance examination into the University, I went for a special all night prayer meeting to collect my admission letter from God.

I was told that if I prayed long and hard enough, God would have no choice than to give me admission by force. So I ‘wrestled’ with God all night and demanded my admission on merit and He gave it to me.

I was also told that I could sow a seed that will move God. It’s called a ‘dangerous seed’ and it would so shake God on His throne that He will have sleepless nights. That way, He will speedily grant my request.

This was exactly what I did! I tucked all my savings into an envelope, wrote down my prayer points, attached them and threw into the offering basket. I sowed a dangerous seed!

“God, take this 5k, use it and meet all my needs. It’s all I have, so you better deliver cos you owe me now.”

Guess what?

All the prayer requests I made were answered! It worked!

God, you do for me, I do for you! Cool business!’

Looking back now, I imagine God smiling at his overzealous, naive and passionate little girl who was new to the faith and didn’t know any better. This is something I would not do now and the more I think about it, the more I understand the mercy of God.

I’ve heard countless stories of sugar daddies and how they give out ‘candies’ here and there. In fact, it has now upgraded from Daddy to Zaddy, a more liberal form of sugar daddy with more ‘sugars’ especially when they are younger and have plenty swag.

At the snap of the fingers, you can get what you want from a sugar Dzaddy or talk him into granting your wishes no matter what they are. A sugar Dzaddy doles out cash and other goodies as long as you play your part.

Do we sometimes think of God in this way? As someone who exists to make us happy and do all our bidings. We have been taught to name it, believe it and claim it. We have been told to draw pictures of our dream life; car, house, wife/husband on the wall and confess it into being.

“God will do it!”

Some of us even go ahead to harras God and try to force him to endorse our petitions and wild fantasies. Many times He obliges and we either end up with something inferior to what He wanted to give us if only we waited or something we are ill prepared for.

God doesn’t have to answer all your prayers in the affirmative especially when they are what He considers toys. Remember when the Israelites asked for meat and God gave them but sent leanness to their bones?

May it not be our portion!

How about we make our requests in line with God’s will and pray the same prayers Jesus prayed, without tying it to any seed, offering or good deed?

Truth is, God delights in giving good gifts to his children and unlike the zaddies, He doesn’t demand we pay him back or return the favour.

God is not your Sugar Dzaddy. He won’t give you everything you ask for neither does He owe you anything. Infact, He doesn’t even owe you an explanation.

And by the way, you don’t have to cry, suffer and sweat to get things from Him. You only need to A.S.K!

Stop trying to scheme your way through life, Allow God to run your life, He knows way better than you ever will and His plans and timing are the best. His gifts are good and perfect and they bring no sorrow.

If you cooperate with Him, He will write a beautiful story with life!

Have a beautiful week ahead!


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