Hello guys! How is it going?

I guess we are getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the December season. I have a little something to share with us and I know it will help us live balanced lives and stay focused.


I bumped into this scripture that really made me to have a new perspective. Though I have known all this while that we are heaven-bound pilgrims on earth, I began to see it in an entirely new light. I began to think of my life and relate it to what Gods word says in this passage. I was more surprised to find out that I have read this scripture many times before and even have it marked in my other bible but it just jumped out again and made so much sense (y’all know how Gods word is new every time we come with an open heart). If you doubt this, read John 3:16 with a desire to let God speak to you afresh and you will see what will happen.


So, now to the scripture am talking about: 2Tim 4:8


“And now the prize awaits me- the crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous judge will give me on the day of His return. And the prize is not just for me but for all who eagerly look forward to His appearing.”


I remember while I was much younger, I was in church one day and we had a revival program that lasted for many days 40 I guess (can’t quite remember). On the last day, the guest minister was preaching about rapture with such intensity that I hadn’t heard before as at that time (I was in secondary school then). He was even crying on the pulpit, though I was born again but I was really afraid, everyone was gripped with fear too. To worsen the situation, as he was talking with great force and all his energy, he used his hand to hit the pulpit and it broke immediately (it was made of glass). Oh my God! I don’t know if his hand bled but the sound echoed throughout the building. Immediately this happened, NEPA took the light.


I just told myself that the rapture has taken place and I was left behind.


I was so afraid. I looked outside to see the saints flying into heaven, but all I saw was darkness (it was in the night). I imagined people being raputured and I was left behind, I immediately looked for our pastor, he was still on his sit, I became more scared.


And my mum? She was still seated.


“Hmmmm, thank God I wasn’t left behind alone”.


I don’t need to say that the preacher wasn’t raptured, he was still preaching, there was hope I thought!


Fear gripped me. I had to immediately start praying for God to forgive me and rapture me asap.


Now I remember all that and I smile, not because I am more saved or more prepared for heaven but because I now know better.


If I understood God’s word, I would never have been afraid of rapture.


What I am saying is: the rapture is not something to be afraid of, but to eagerly anticipate. It is also not something to be brushed aside and treated with levity.


I have seen two groups of Christians:


One group just stand around and only pray and read their bible; they do practically nothing else because they are waiting for Jesus, few people fall into this category. They don’t want to make investments or get any material things because Jesus is coming soon.


The other group has almost forgotten that He is coming back except when they are reminded on Sunday and because of this, they fling away their faith in order to pursue worldly ends because they have become carried away.


Those who stand by the side doing nothing criticize those who acquire wealth of being carnal while they too criticize those who do nothing as being too heavenly conscious and earthly useless.


Which of this group is right? None


The right group is made up of those people who have found the balance of these two extremes. They are those who trust in the righteousness that is in Christ and depend solely on His finished work, this reflects in the way they live their lives. This group seek to acquire wealth by godly means so as to advance God’s kingdom on earth. They are that group of people who see godliness with contentment as great gain and see their wealth as tools to fulfill their divine assignment rather than a master to be worshipped.


They don’t seek to make a name for themselves or to pile up their earthly possessions but to use it to bless others.


They live with nostalgia and a full awareness that Jesus is right on His way, yet they seek to occupy till He comes. They want to go home, yet they want to stay and labour for the King so they can dominate the whole earth with his rule.


Knowing all this, our lives should show that we are expecting Jesus to come back. Many times Christians say Jesus is coming back and this is very true. Though we preach it but many people’s lives don’t show it.



God wants us to live in a way that shows we really believe that he is coming back.



It is not saying: this world is not my own, am just passing through. No, I am not just passing through.

As for me, I will make impact while passing through. I will pray for Him to come quickly, but I will also wait patiently while working here.


When you are pursuing money, just like the rest of the world, lying to get it, cheating and deceiving people, do you really believe He is coming back?


When you skim your way through life, get to a position or a promotion, do you really believe that he is coming back?


Or maybe you are a pastor, are you preparing your congregation with the hope that Jesus is coming to take you all?


When you refuse to advance the kingdom by your lazy attitude and lack of touch with your surrounding and reality, do you really believe He is coming back?


When you live in fear all the time especially when you hear stories of people’s vision of rapture and dreams of when they went hell or heaven, are you waiting eagerly or fearfully? How long will you continue this way?


My life is supposed to show without any doubt that I am waiting for Jesus to return.


My labour to bring others into heaven in the place of prayer, display of love, using my gifts to make Him known should show that I am waiting for Jesus.


You cannot be waiting for Jesus and sit around and do nothing, you have to show it by the way you live.


This earth is ours to dominate, impact and change while we are still here, it’s not for us to lie down and sleep all through life because we are waiting for Jesus. If you understand this, then you wont keep living in fear of the rapture.


Are we eagerly looking forward to his coming or are we waiting fearfully?


Truth is we are surely leaving one day, let’s live like it.





Much Love.

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