There are certain seasons in life when God brings us into abundance, that time when it seems God has answered all or most of your prayers. You now have that dream job, more money, a good relationship or you just got married, you just had a baby or you have all the comfort you have always desired. This is not a sin but the blessing of the Lord; I believe it is to be enjoyed with thankfulness and joy. I have at many times been afraid or should i say intimidated by Gods goodness because its so amazing, and I was almost uncertain about how to handle them. You know that kind of extravagant gesture that God pours on your head and it leaves you in awe. At one time i kept thinking that God will flog me or scold me for enjoying His blessings (lol, when i used to have a distorted view of God).  Here, I will be sharing certain lessons I learnt that have helped me enjoy my season of abundance, there are so many of them and you can be sure that God will reveal more to you as you seek Him.

Be thankful, don’t take it for granted. Most times we tend to make light of God’s blessings. We either don’t even recognize them as God’s gifts to us or we simply think it’s our own efforts that have brought them our way.  This is a big snare, it will lead us into pride and hence our downfall. Every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17) no matter the channel He chooses to send it through, your source is God and you must recognize and acknowledge Him. Remain thankful, you can mention them and thank him for them, declare his works, tell of His goodness!

Enjoy the blessing. God wants his children to enjoy His blessings. It’s not humility to choose to behave as if we are in lack when God has brought us into abundance; in fact it looks more like pride. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the blessings of God as long as we do it with a thankful heart. You shouldn’t live like a mediocre when God has placed you in a high place. Humility is thinking of ourselves as we ought to, not less than or more than we ought to. It is thinking and living like Christ intended for us. If you understand this, you will always remain joyful and thankful. Gloominess is not a sign of spirituality, in the same way false humility is not of Christ. There is no point lying about what God is doing, am not saying you should blow your trumpet, but live with an honest estimate of your place in God. Don’t live to be pitied like the whole world is on your head and you need an urgent rescue mission. This is masked self-centeredness.

Don’t idolize the blessing. God gives us His manifold blessings as tools to accomplish His Purpose. They are meant to help you in carrying out your God given assignment on the earth and not to take the place of God. Be it a car, money, house or even a wife/husband, don’t idolize them. Through prayer and Gods word, they can be kept in the proper perspective so your heart will not cling to them. Always bring your heart to that point of yieldedness and understanding that you are a steward of God’s mercy. Material things have this tendency to distract us and make us attached to them if we don’t understand what stewardship mean. Remember, the blessings of God maketh rich and adds no sorrow.

Be a channel.  Don’t suffocate yourself with the blessings of God (especially the material ones). Pastor Bankie always says “You are not the only one that God wants to bless”. He wants to bless other people too- through you, so learn to pass it on. The purpose of your prosperity is not to show off but to produce generosity in you. Give and don’t stop giving. Not because you want to get more, but because you have been equipped to give more. God wants you to meet the needs of the people around you. He won’t come down from heaven and feed the hungry or cater for the poor and less privileged, that’s why he has you here.

Give to those who ask and those who didn’t ask, give to those who can pay back and those who can’t pay back as long as it’s a genuine need you can meet. Just give voluntarily and bountifully, after all how much food can a man eat? How much blessings can a man stark? Don’t pile it up, let it flow, you were blessed to be a blessing!

Finally, God has blessed us tremendously, live like a blessed man.


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