Dear woman,

Globally, one day has been mapped out in a year to celebrate women all over the world.

But what amazes me is how for the other 364 days in the year, the same people talk bad about women:

Women are scum”

“Women are materialistic”

“Women are foolish”

“Women will bring you down and end your career and ministry”

“Avoid women, they are evil!”

The label is endless.

But then, every March 8th, everyone suddenly remembers how wonderful their mothers, wives, sisters or girlfriends are.

What is worsening is when women tear themselves apart and fight tooth and nail to bring each other down thereby giving the society this distorted and myopic view of women.

Some years ago, I got an understanding that changed my life. It’s about the seed of the woman and I wrote about it HERE

It was one of the first blog posts I made.

I discovered how powerful and influential I am as a woman and how I can either choose to wield this power and influence positively or negatively. I discovered that there is a seed in every woman which the devil relentlessly seeks to destroy.

So today, I’m reminding every woman that regardless of what they say about you, there’s so much substance in you and until you begin to see and recognize it, you will always be labelled or tagged negatively.

Your assertiveness will be tagged as being strong-willed.
Your strength will be tagged as stubbornness.
Your influence will be derided.
You soft heart will be trampled upon and used against you.

The world may not be seeing all the battles you have to fight to keep your head above the waters. They may never know how much energy you have to put in to make your dreams a reality.

They will definitely not see the scars you have that have lingered over the years and may never go. Your sacrifices may remain hidden from the common eyes.

But one thing is going to make the difference- What you tell yourself!

You are strong
You are beautiful
You are amazing
You are unique
You are whole
You are resilient!

Never believe anything less.

Today and every other day, celebrate yourself and never stop becoming a better you.

I am hoping that now that the International Women’s Day is over, and the world has moved on to other things, you will not stop celebrating yourself.

You are not just an object for sexual gratification, neither are you a piece of furniture acquired by a man when he wants to ‘settle down’ in life.

You are a woman created by God for His glory. Your worth and value is in Him and you are complete.

Your strength lies in your ability to influence the world. Your power lies in your sacrifice.

Finally sisters, quit arguing about being like men and embrace the endless potentials inside of you. Stop fighting each other and become the reason the next woman has a smile on her face.

That is the woman you were meant to be and that woman is amazing!

Happy Women’s Day!

I celebrate you now and always!


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