There is hardly any one of us who have never wondered what the future holds.

There have been times I kept ‘disturbing’ God to show me the future so I can know everything that will happen, because the suspense can be breath taking. #Hehehe. But unfortunately God doesn’t give us all the details; the process is as important as the end-product so he doesn’t want us to miss out.

Sometimes we read bible stories of men like Joseph and because we already know how the story ended we tend to miss the lessons; we fail to see how though he was ‘blind’ to what the future held out; he followed God and arrived at an enviable end.

We read how Abraham left his country and followed God to a place he didn’t yet know. We admire his sacrifice and absolute trust but have a hard time doing same.

Who doesn’t want an instant future, detailed and carefully scripted with all the I’s dotted and all the T’s crossed and then handed over to him; preferably at birth? I want it sosei!

But the truth is that God doesn’t give it to us that way.

Just imagine if he told Joseph everything that would happen and how he would go through the pit, accusations and even prison to get to the palace. It would never have made sense to him and there would be no need for trust, Joseph might even have opted out and ruined the plan.

You see, after God shows you the big picture, he wants you to walk with him one day at a time. The beautiful thing is that he gives you sufficient light for the day- enough light for your feet. He leads you one step at a time.

There was a time I worried so much I couldn’t even pray, anytime I tried to pray, I spent the whole time worrying. Even little things became a subject of worry because I dwelt on them so much that they grew big- I magnified them instead of magnifying the Lord. What if this one happens and the other doesn’t happen? What if this and what if that? I worried so much I begin to sink into despair.

Your future is secure in Christ Jesus and it’s beautiful.

Let me tell you something: when you worry, it’s like you are telling God that he is not capable. You take the Lordship of your life away from God and hand it over to the subject of your worry and worse still, nothing is accomplished.

Worrying about the future keeps you in partnership with the devil and solves no problem. It’s just not worth it.

Come to think of it; all the things you worried about before now, which of them has not been taken care of by God’s word and turned out just fine? Will I gain admission into the university? Will I pass my exams? Will I fulfill God’s plan for my life? Will I ever finish school? What if I have an accident one day and die? What if I never get married or have children? What if i lose my job? Blah..blah..blah… the list is just endless.

Do you know the funny thing? Most of the things we worry about are things we can do little about and God has already sorted out but we because we are so engrossed in our cares, we can’t see what God is doing.

Whatever it is that bothers you about the future, I want to remind you that God has got it figured out! Maybe the future still looks bleak to you and all you can see is unanswered questions, maybe you are at a point where you can’t reconcile what is happening now with the big picture God has shown you.

Or maybe you are a corper that just got posted to a state you don’t like or one you didn’t even choose and you are wondering “what’s in there for me?”

Dear friend, God is there for you! He is the one that is in your future- the author and finisher of your faith!

Don’t let worry build up fear in your heart and suck away your faith. This will make you jittery and unable to enjoy life; you will always be on edge and live below your full potential. Worry causes you to sin and sin leads to death!

I want you to set sail and let down your guards. It is time to throw your hands in the air, sink into God’s embrace and REST! Your future is secure in Christ Jesus and it’s beautiful.

Remember, God doesn’t start any work that he hasn’t finished first. Every single day of your life on earth is written down in his book. So RELAX!

Finally, what should you do on a day-to-day basis?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5

You can never think of or plan a more blissful future for yourself than the one God has prepared for you! Never forget that.


Much Love!


Have a lovely weekend!

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