Stop, join me lets count our blessings. When I say we are blessed, I mean in no small way. When I bumped into these treasures, my heart was exploding. You will never think of yourself as a less privileged person if you consider how blessed you are. You will overflow with gratitude and joy. I am filled with joy, songs and peace just thinking about how God has blessed us. I remember how I was screaming and singing like a mad person, I was literarily jumping in my room, I couldn’t contain the overflowing joy.

The blessings God has already bestowed upon us IN CHRIST. Eph 1

We have every Spiritual blessing; everything we need is in Christ, stop giving people your money to ‘tap’ grace or anointing, you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. He takes us to the high places of blessing in Him (MSG).

We are holy and blameless; God thinks I am holy and blameless! He thinks am pure all because of Christ. He thinks am acceptable to Him already, He thinks am beautiful and spotless, wow, this is just so wonderful. He chose us before we were even conceived, to be holy and blameless.

We have been adopted as sons; the devil is not our father, God is our father. He calls us His sons, we are now his very own. No longer a slave to sin, now a child of God all because of Christ… doesn’t this just make you want to fall in love all over again and hug Jesus…(That’s how I felt, but I just remembered that he is in me, so I hugged

We have Redemption through His blood; whose blood? Not the blood of goats and rams, no, it’s the Precious blood of Christ that he willingly shed for us. All that dirty stuff we did is no longer held against us, all the crappy and shady things, things you don’t even want anyone to know you ever did, God doesn’t hold them against you. Not just that, we have been redeemed from self righteousness too, because we could never measure up no matter how much we tried, Jesus stepped in, forgave us and redeemed us. It means He now took our place, stood in the way of God’s wrath and took it upon himself. We are the redeemed! Hallelujah!

Forgiveness of sins; this one kinda blows my mind; sometimes I can’t wrap my head around it. You mean all that we ever did is FORGIVEN? Sometimes am tempted to keep apologizing like God is human, I forget he is not. I think of him like my friend I offended and have to explain myself to, trying to give excuses, though still guilty, trying to win back his love, no, it’s not necessary, we are forgiven. We are free people, free of the penalties and punishments of all our misdeeds, abundantly!!!

We have the riches of His grace; He thought of everything, provided everything we could possibly need (MSG). Every single thing! Incredible. God has provided all we could ever ask for. You say, “God give me grace” he says …my grace is sufficient for you”. You can’t exhaust it, it’s not like the money in your account you are ‘mizing’, trying to manage it so it won’t finish, truth is, it can finish. But Gods grace is not to be ‘mized’, its boundless, its sufficient. He doesn’t drop it on us in a pulsatile fashion, he lavished it on us. It’s unstoppable, unquenchable, fierce, relentless and unfinishable (is there any word like that? lol). He is never going to change His mind all because of Christ. Now you see how blessed you are!

We have wisdom and understanding; I love this one! God is not mysterious like we think. God has let us in on his plans for our lives. Everything is wrapped up in Christ. All the wisdom is revealed in him and through him. The mystery of his will has become flesh and blood that we can behold. What he planned to do long ago, we can now understand. What he will do in the future is now made known. Wow! We are not in the dark, I hate to be in the dark, I don’t know about you, but I really thank God that in Christ, am not in the dark, I have wisdom and understanding. I know things I wouldn’t have known outside of Christ. His light is shining in my heart!!! This wisdom trickles down to your school grades, your business, work, family. In Christ we invent things, make mind blowing discoveries and proffer solutions.

We have been chosen, Predestined; God knew I was coming, so He sent Christ to bring me hope. We are not an afterthought. We were planned for by God regardless of the circumstances surrounding our birth. You may have been told you weren’t wanted like me. No, you were- God wanted you, no, He needed you so that through us, His manifold wisdom can be made known to principalities and powers. He predestined us, he arranged for us to come down here. He wrote down every day of our life on earth before he ever set out to create us. He carefully crafted every member of this body of ours and here we are today, not an accident but a divine plan. God planned where you will school, live, work, marry and every single detail of your life. Wow, this is so exciting.

We are for his praise and glory; everything in our life will lead to his praise and glory. He has addressed all the pending issues and you can be sure that it will end in praise! Nothing will work against us; they will only work for us. Throw in all the sad experiences, all the disappointments, hard times, recession, whatever it is, the good news is- in Christ, they are for the Praise and glory of our God. We are blessed indeed!

We are marked as belonging to Christ; I remember when we went to visit the slave museum in Calabar, we saw clips of how slaves were marked by their owners, it was a painful and indelible mark. It was unmistakable, though it hurt, but it was immutable, they would carry the mark all their life. You can imagine that God has marked you as belonging to Him, he has singled you out as His own. What could be more intriguing! This leads me to the next one, I find it breathtaking…

We have been sealed!!! The Holy Spirit is our seal. God thought about us, planned about us, brought us to Himself, marked us and then sealed us for delivery to Himself! Wow. The Holy Spirit is Gods guarantee that we will be delivered to him. He is our stamp, seal, signature, signet, engagement ring, name it. He is our instructor, friend, confidant, guide, teacher, the list is inexhaustible.  Am sure he has been doing a tremendous work in our lives teaching us, shaping us and conforming us to the very image of Christ so that when he will deliver us to Him, we will be just like Him for we will see him as he is. He doesn’t miss a thing. What a blessing!!!

Now I cant stop jumping and screaming. I am blessed beyond words. It’s almost unbelievable. All we can do is accept it, and don’t stop dancing.


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