Advertisers will always say things like “Packaging is everything” “Dress the way you want to be addressed” or “Show them what you want them to see.”

In a lot of ways, the focus is always on creating a good image for others to see.

But we mustn’t stop there.

Let me ask you, What attracts you to a person? Is it their physical appearance or their personality and character?

A lot of times, we care more about the glam that comes from the outside instead of the glow that radiates from the inside.

Truth is; we are humans and not God! We can only see the outside and not the inside.

So before we can see that beautiful inside, there must also be a beautiful outside that leads the way into your inside.

Just like you won’t buy a product if the exterior was haphazardly done or if it doesn’t appeal to your senses.

But then, what would you do if you bought a well packaged product only to discover that the content was not what it promised to be?

I bet that is even more disheartening!

While the exterior is only what men see, a lot of times the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside.

So while you do all it takes to remain appealing to people, remember to pay attention to the content of your heart.

Packaging is good but packaging an empty container can be very misleading.

In the same way, it is almost impossible to be great on the inside and not show it on the outside.

Balance is the key.

I believe God wants us all be be great inside out and not be like whitewashed tombs.

The question remains- how can one be beautiful on both inside and outside?

Jesus is the answer! He makes our lives beautiful and radiates this beauty all over us.

Walking with him daily allows our lives to radiate his glory to everyone around us.

Never associate Christianity with mediocrity. Our Jesus is excellent right from the inside out!

This is the life we have been called into. Live it, talk it and show it.

Do have a lovely week ahead.


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