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Here is the Conclusion. Enjoy:


David and I spent the next couple of months getting to know each other, praying and learning from Pastor Emeka and his wife. They were not just our mentors but our accountability partners and friends. They guided us through the preparation process not just for courtship but for life after marriage too.

It was an exciting adventure that I looked forward to everyday. I was thrilled at the love that could be found in a godly relationship; it was so fulfilling and at the same time, I learnt more about God’s love.

It was unbelievable how God poured so much love into my heart for a guy I once loathed and would have nothing to do with; I couldn’t wrap my head around it either. It was as though the past never happened; God gave us a new slate with his love story beautifully written on it to write ours in between.

David showed me God’s love in words and in deeds, I felt so undeserving at first and shrank from it but he kept reminding me of how none of us was a worthy recipient. Now the past and all that it held was something to laugh about and learn from, none of it held us back.



Two years later.


“We cannot tolerate such in our Church, this is a holy place and anyone that wants to be here must be holy.”

We both roared with laughter.

It was the morning of our one year wedding anniversary; David woke me up with a soft kiss saying the same words he had spoken three years ago when I was told to leave the church.

“Who would have believed that the beautiful woman I threw out of the church would be the same woman I now love with all my heart and have become one with?”

He continued as he reached for the bulge in my stomach, rubbing it gently.

“We should name her Grace, what do you think?”

“Well, I think it’s a boy and that he looks exactly like you.” I giggled.

“Hmmm… Prophetess! I believe you; I will never doubt you again. Boy or girl, I will love all our children like no other but you will always be first in my heart, no one will take your place.”

“Awww…I will always love you too honey.”

“So we are saving the surprise, right?”

“Yea, and you know how much I love surprises.”

“Of course I do, is it not you again?”

He moved to plant a kiss on my tummy and on and on he went. I couldn’t help but thank God for the man he gave me.



After Fatima’s parents got to know about her faith; they were deeply hurt and disappointed. All efforts they made to dissuade her failed even when her aunties and uncles were invited to talk to her. They made several attempts to make her denounce Christ and revert back to her family religion but she stood her ground and her father went ahead to disinherit her.

She had to fend for herself by working long hours to pay her bills. She also found other young people in her neighbourhood who were tired of religion, burnt out and seeking for freedom, she led them to Christ and they formed a small youth group.

She got married shortly after Dave and I wedded. Her husband was a devout Christian who loved her greatly and stood by her. Together, they taught the youth group in their church on Saturdays and discipled them.

They met every week to talk about their challenges and how they were holding up. They also prayed together, supported each other and spread the good news in their neighborhood.

Though her parents remained Muslims, her two sisters later became Christians though this time; their parents responded with severe opposition. They held on to their faith and continued believing God for the salvation of their parents.



The Lord’s Holy Hill assembly International grew both in size and impact. Our youth wing became vibrant and instrumental in the transformation that took place in the church.

We established a youth chapter in secondary schools geared towards discipling them at a young age and exposing them to God’s ways early in life. Each member of the youth wing was assigned three young adults to pray for, teach and raise to become not just a believer but a disciple.

Many youths who were hurting found healing in Christ. The church was now a place of refuge where thirsty souls and hungry hearts found succor and strength. Nobody was judging anybody, we all understood that we were saved by the Grace of God and extended the same grace to others.

The elderly ones also taught the younger ones and always gave their wise counsel.

The love of God was palpable and contagious as we all shared everything in common and looked out for one another. We were one big happy family, saved by Grace and living for his glory while waiting for his return!


****THE END.

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