I was very nervous when I got to Pastor Emeka’s house, I thanked God he wasn’t home because he had a way of looking straight into one’s soul and I didn’t want to be caught thinking the thoughts that were running through my head. I had prayed about and against them but they wouldn’t go. Instead, they welled up more and more.

Ever since my last conversation with David, everything had became awkward and though the feelings I had seemed natural; they sent too many butterflies into my stomach. I still remember the exact words he chose:

“I like you Nnenna and I really want to pursue a godly relationship with you. A relationship that is purposeful, rich and pure, one that will lead us into the next phase of our lives; God willing. But I think you should pray about it and let me know if you feel the same way about me.”

He handpicked his words like David did those five smooth stones that went right through the little hole on Goliath’s fore head into his brain, so they did- right through the walls I had built over the years and into my heart. I couldn’t believe I would be this blown away.

What could that next phase of our lives be? I thought, pretending not to have any clues.

Nothing any guy had said to me earlier had this effect on me; I was already used to all the sweet nothings and could even recite the lines, but this sounded so right and true. Most importantly, the look on his face was so peaceful I struggled to catch my breath.

“Well, let me think it through first and of course pray about it”

I had managed to say.

“I would also like to talk to my mentor about it.” I added.

“That’s very Ok dearie, I will do the same.” David replied.

Wasn’t this what I wanted? Wasn’t this what I desired in a relationship: Purpose, purity, certainty and love. I didn’t want anyone flirting around me or experimenting with me, I wanted a godly relationship.

This was why I called to fix a time with Aunty Peace; I needed counsel before I let my feelings get the upper hand and I make a mess of everything.



“Good evening ma, I am really sorry I kept you waiting, the cab guy had a little problem with his car halfway. I had to take another one after his efforts to fix it didn’t work out.”

“It’s ok. I knew something must have delayed you and I worried you wouldn’t make it. It’s been a while you came here aside from our days of prayers. I was almost beginning to think that you have forgotten me.” She teased.

“No ma, it’s not like that. I know you have been busy and I didn’t want to bother you.”

“Well, I guess so. So how have you been?”

“Fine, though a lot has been happening and I really need to talk to you. My head is full.”

“I can see that, you are almost shaking. You know I am always here for you, so bring it on.”

“It’s about Bro David, we have been talking for some time now and I…he actually asked me out.”

She gave a warm smile that made me think he told her about it.

“I don’t really know how to go about it” I continued “So I need your counsel.”

She laughed some more making me feel more suspicious yet comfortable. I sank into the sofa, relaxing like I was talking to my big sister.

“Well dear, he mentioned it to me some weeks ago and I asked him to go ahead and tell you. But I think you should pray about it and make your choice; of course you know I won’t do that for you. The decision is entirely yours to make.”

“Wow, so he told you?”

“Yea, he needed my counsel too, he had been nursing it for quite some time now and it was beginning to eat him up. You are a beautiful lady who has a heart for God, every responsible man will want to have you.”

My head was about to burst when she continued.

“You know I learnt a funny truth when I was your age and I have seen it play out in so many lives over the years: your spouse is in the family of God, by that I don’t mean your local church but among believers around you. He is not always some mystery guy somewhere far away, God places him around you; among his children. So like I said earlier, you must pray about it and go ahead and take your decision; don’t feel compelled because he is a ‘bro’; if you don’t feel right about it, just let him know.”

“But if you do, then you two must understand what you are going into. In a godly relationship, you don’t flirt or play around wasting each other’s time. It’s a platform to pray and grow together while understanding Gods plan for the future and aligning your plans towards that. It’s also a time to get to know each other more.”

Exactly the words I needed to hear.

“Meanwhile, do you love him?” She asked.

I didn’t see that coming.

“Emmmm… Well, I…” I stammered

“Ok, looks like it’s too early or the question is too big but do you like him at least?”

“I think so” I blushed and she smiled back at me; making me blush the more.

“Well, being in a relationship is a beautiful thing but that’s only when you two make Jesus the center. Don’t think because you are both spiritual, everything will be smooth, no it won’t. So in the meantime, I will recommend you think it through and pray too. Then when you are both ready to begin the journey, you can let me know; I will be glad to help in any way I can. There’s a lot you need to know.”

“Thank you so much ma, I feel so relieved.”

“Oya, let’s get to the kitchen; I want to make a quick dessert for my husband. Come let me teach you how to make vegetable momos and pena colada. We can still continue our talk in the kitchen.”

“Gladly ma.”

There was always something to learn from Aunty Peace and I admired that about her.



Fatima was doing fine but I still worried about her as though I was her saviour. She was really facing difficult times and there was nothing else I could do but pray, I had a hard time learning to trust God to come through for her.

She had begun working with her Dad’s NGO and she was settling in just fine except that she was still unable to tell her family about her faith. What bothered me the most was that she hadn’t been to church in weeks.

She called in with lots of questions when she needed explanation about certain passages of the bible she didn’t understand. I also sent her the audio messages after every Sunday sermon.



Meanwhile, our services were taking a very different turn and everyone looked forward to it with great expectations.

Most of our programs were channeled towards reaching those who haven’t heard the Gospel with the good news of Christ. We also partnered with other Churches irrespective of denomination in pulling resources together to preach the gospel in those places and it didn’t matter which congregation the converts joined, everyone understood that we all have one Lord; what mattered most was that they came to Christ.

This made my heart glow!

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