“Madam, e get one man wey dey find you, im dey outside.”


“Yes madam”

I followed our security officer outside wondering who it was that came looking for me. I wasn’t expecting anybody so I couldn’t guess, I wondered why he hadn’t let whoever it was in and insisted on telling me first.

“Oga Chris, didn’t he tell you his name?” I asked as we walked to the gate.

“Im say na Davidi be im name, you sabi any Davidi so?”

“Emmm…yeah, kinda but I doubt if the David I know even knows my workplace, besides I am not expecting him. If there was anything, he could have called.”

“Na wetin I ask am too o. Make I tell am say you no dey office?”

“No, not at all. We are almost here. There is no problem, let me see him.”

“Ok madam.”

I knew that whatever brought Bro David to my workplace must have been something serious. He was sitting at the gateman’s waiting room. He looked bright and charming but a bit disturbed. He stood to greet me.

“Good day Sister Nnenna, I am so sorry for not calling before coming.”

“It’s ok, you are welcome. I was wondering how you got my office address.”

“Yes, I am sorry about that too, I had to call Aunty Peace to get it from her plus I wanted to surprise you.”

“Hian! Surprise me ke? Well, I am very surprised.”

“I am really sorry to disturb your work; I will be as brief as possible.”

We walked to the lobby while exchanging pleasantries and catching up. I didn’t know Bro David could be so friendly.

“Actually, I came to see you for something very important, I could have called but it’s not a phone-talk. It’s something we need to discuss one-on-one. I won’t even go into it now because you are at work and it’s going to take a lot of time. So for now, I just came so we can make things right. I know I have really hurt you; I am totally sorry. It wasn’t me doing all that, I thought I was protecting the interest of the choir and the Church, but now I know better. I have battled with this for many weeks, it took God’s help to overcome my pride and ego and summon the courage to come here today. Please Nnenna, forgive me and put all the past behind us. I am really ashamed of all I did and now regret it. Even when you came to make peace earlier, I was still lost in my ego; I should have listened to you instead of claiming to be right.”

I sat quietly as I listened to Bro David reel out his apology. I was stunned and found it hard to believe what I was hearing.

“Lastly, this Saturday is my birthday and I want to specially invite you. Though it’s not going to be a big party, I just want to celebrate with few friends and I will be honoured to have you there.”

“Wow! Happy birthday already. I will try not to miss it.” I blurted out trying my best to sound calm and excited even though I was not.

“Is that a yes?”

“Well, if you say so.”

“Great, see you on Saturday then. Emmm… before I leave, I really want us to spend some time together at another time say lunch or something; but that’s if you don’t mind and if you are free.”

“You are not serious.”

“I really am. Or maybe I am asking for too much. But you can still see it as my way of trying to make up for all I have done. How about that?”

“I don’t know; really you are asking for too much. Let’s see how Saturday goes first.”

“I already have your word for it.”

“Till then.”

“Thanks a lot for your time. Once again, I am deeply sorry; I am a changed person now.”

“It’s ok. Do have a lovely day ahead.”

“You too.”

Titi was already waiting for me with questions as I returned to the office, she didn’t even give me time to think about what just happened.

“Heiiiii Inenna, who is that fine guy?”

“Hian.. you have come again. He is my church member.”

“Waawu! Church member that will come and look for you in the office by 11am, I have not seen that one o. He must have come for something really important.”

“Yea, you sef; you too like gist. He came to invite me for his birthday this weekend.”

“Just that? He couldn’t text or call? This is a serious somebody o, see special invitation!”

“Well, there was something else we needed to clean the slates on concerning the past so that was why he came.” I couldn’t believe I was being so open to Titi.

“I see, anyway we will go naa. Me I have been thinking of how to spend the weekend, I was even praying it won’t be boring like last weekend. Thank God for answered prayers, it’s Saturday abi?”

“Yea, 5pm.”

“I will come to your place so we can go together. This one you are not too excited about the birthday, hope you are not going to tell me you won’t be going.”

“I may go, I don’t know yet. But wait o, you have become more excited than the person they invited. Madam owambe… see how you have already finished making plans.”

“Dry girl like you, I am only helping your life.”

“My helper since 1965…mtcheww.”

“Hahaha…but you know it’s true naa. I am trying my best to tush you up”.

“Abeegie pass me those activity report registers let me transfer these names and continue from where I stopped.”

“Now that I am saying something important is when you will start forming workaholic… be here o, you will tell me whether it is from inside this computer that lé boo will jump out and meet you.”

“Hahaha, Titi! So you are coming for the birthday to find husband?”

“See you; my mum always used to say that we ladies must make ourselves findable. So gatherings like this can be a good place since it’s a Christian gathering or do you want me to go to night clubs and beaches?”

“Well, I am not saying you shouldn’t make yourself findable, but husband-hunting is not a good reason to attend a friend’s birthday party.”

“My Dad met my mum is her friend’s birthday party in case you don’t know. You never can tell.”

“Did he tell you he went there with the intention of finding a wife? I am not saying it doesn’t happen, but we don’t decide when they happen and when they don’t.”

“We are saying the same thing, we don’t decide so make yourself findable and let God decide. Let it not be that God will bring your husband to meet you and you are locked in one office like that pressing computers.”

“God still knows how to bring your husband to that office to meet you pressing those computers.” I retorted.

“That’s why I said you never can tell how God works; we should just make ourselves available for finding.” She insisted.

“Kai, Titi you have won!”

It was fruitless arguing with Titi anytime, she had a strong point for every argument and she always won. I would always give in even when I didn’t agree just for the sake of peace. This was one thing that I feared the most in my desire to share the gospel with her- she had a very persuasive spirit and was strongly opinionated. I always feared she would argue away the fact that she needed a personal relationship with Jesus with her claims of regular church attendance. I knew many times the Holy Spirit nudged me to speak to her but I always declined because I didn’t want her to make an argument out of the gospel. She never liked to lose any argument.

I consoled myself with the fact that I was praying for her and waiting for the Holy Spirit to convict her by himself.

What an excuse!




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