As Fatima’s departure came closer, I was gradually becoming scared of what will happen to her afterwards. I wished she didn’t have to go back home, but that was all I could do – wish.

How would her parents react? I remember her hinting me that they were both strict and devout especially her father. When was the best time to share her testimony with them? What if they disowned her or took other drastic measures? What if she couldn’t withstand it and went back? All these questions plagued my mind and made me pray more for her and her family.

I was consoled by the fact that she had become filled with the Holy Spirit. It happened last week during the bible study and she spoke in tongues for the first time. I was overjoyed and grateful to God that I didn’t have to worry about her growth. With the Holy Spirit now at work in her, I knew she was in the best hands.

We spent more time together talking, studying and praying over the next few days and the glow about her was unmistakable. Everyone at work knew that something had really changed in her. Titi was the first to probe during our break time on Friday:

“Fati, wassup with you? You have really changed o, I still remember when you came newly, you were not like this; a lot has changed about you.”

“Really?” she giggled revealing her sparkling set of teeth that lay securely in their place. “A lot like?”

“Emmm… a whole lot, too much to mention; I don’t even know how to explain. But shaa tell us who the bobo is that is putting all this smile on your face? I need to know him too and thank him.”

“Kai Titi, Haba! Must it always be about a guy? Can’t I just be happy and joyful on my own?”

“You can o, but I know what I am saying. I know this type of joy; it either comes from the Lord or a making sense boo.”

“Hahaha, it is God o. Shikenan.” Fatima could hardly hold back the laughter.

“Ok o. Let me believe you, but don’t keep me in the dark for too long. You know I always like to know what’s up so that I can start sowing my material.”

“Hahahaha…I know naa, is it not you again?”

“Hahahaha.”  They both roared with laughter and I couldn’t help but join.

Titi was a bundle of joy to be around, she was all shades of sanguine and there was never a dull moment with her. She always made the office lively and work so much fun to look forward to. She would always yab me about being too quiet and too serious with life, according to her; work was fun and not a death sentence. She made my otherwise boring work life a great delight. I always thanked God for bringing her my way and hoped she came to know the Lord more and walk with him more closely.



As our meeting with Aunty Peace was coming to an end for the day, she began pouring out her heart to us:

“Nnenna and Fatima, what I am telling you is beyond words, it’s better experienced than explained. There is just so much in God that we have not even scratched the surface. What we are seeing now is not even up to a glimpse, but the problem is that we get filled easily.”

“We set out to seek God and desire him but just when he begins to pour out himself, we get satisfied. It happens so soon because our hunger is not deep, we have become so familiar with the ordinary that we can’t press for more like Paul.”

“As for me, I want God to blow my mind, to exceed my imagination. I want to know the depth of the riches of what we have in Christ. I want to receive the revelation of Christ and live in the reality.”

“There is so much knowledge in the world today about God, yet men lack the revelation of Christ. We don’t yet know the Christ we claim to preach; He is limitless, boundless and past finding out. What he did for us on the cross is so deep we can’t wrap our heads around it.”

“My heart is longing for a time when the body of Christ will come to the measure of the full stature of Christ. I am done with the usual, with what our fathers did and what we are doing now, I long for the newness that is in Christ, things that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, things that only God can do.”

“I long to see Christ exalted and praised in every heart, to see his lordship supreme in every life, mine being chief. I want to see his Kingdom come and his will being done. I want to see us carrying God into our offices, homes, streets and all the corners of the earth. God is not a secret to be kept, he longs to find expression in us; in you and me to the dying world and thirsty souls all around the neighborhood. He doesn’t want to be hidden in the four walls of a building or hoarded in the confines of our comfort zones. He wants to be known by all!”

“What I am asking for is an outbreak of God!”

“Lord, is that too much to ask? Is that not what you desire too? Is that not why you died on the cross; that men may be reconciled with you.”

She was sobbing gently and we were all swept off in deep, heartfelt cries and hunger.  All I could mutter was “Lord, I want to know you.”



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