After I left school, I needed a place of worship. I went from Church to Church because I was looking for a perfect Church. I literarily sampled a couple of Churches with my ‘spirishual’ goggles and disqualified them on my own terms.

“Hey Church, your music is not good enough, your Choir is not ‘tight’. I want a Hillsongish kinda Chior”

“And you? Nice choir but your Pastor is screaming too much and I don’t like the way he is always too serious.”

“Hello church, that message is not deep enough. Your Pastor is not worded.”

There was always one thing or the other that turned me off.

Finally, the day came that after I attended a Church where the Pastor milked the congregation dry, I gave up and decided it was time to worship God in my heart.

Then it happened…bam!!! A thought came:

The Church is the body of Christ and it is perfect…EUREKA!!!

But then, this didn’t add up cos I hadn’t seen a perfect Church or anyone close to it. That was when I realized I was part of this body I criticized so much and God placed me there for a reason. It dawned on me that in the midst of all these flaws, Christ loves the Church and sees her as His bride.

I realized that we all as humans are flawed and in need of a Savior.

Come to think of it; only sick people come to the hospital to see a Doctor. Some are ‘sicker’ than the others and need more time to get well. Some need surgery, others need to be in ICU and some even need to be placed on life support. Yet there are others who just need antimalarials and paracetamol and they are good to go.

Point is; we all need a saviour and the way he heals and mends our lives varies. But we have a common denominator- our NEED for a Saviour.

That is what Christianese is about. It’s a story that has changed my perspective and challenged me in a lot of ways. It has opened my eyes to understand God’s love and extend the same to others, to yield myself and let him use my flaws for His glory.

I found myself in this story, I am sure you will find yourself too, and somehow we can let go of ourselves and become willing instruments in God’s hands.

It’s a story of Love, Grace and Truth.

It’s a story I would love you to read.

It’s a story I want to share with the world!

This is my cake and rice for you on my birthday.

Come dine with me.

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