Nasalian blog was officially launched one year ago after so many months of not believing in myself, not wanting to be in public glare due to my love for keeping my life very private. Months of procrastination and rescheduling went by as well as delays and reconsiderations but one thing never changed: anytime I dared to pick up my pen…I wrote and wrote and wrote. Thoughts flowed through my ink and formed words that I wanted to share with the world.

Like Jeremiah, the words kept buring like fire in my bones and I couldn’t keep it to myself. Writing to me is beyond a hobby; it’s a ministry. Yes! Its my way of sharing Christ with the world. It’s my way of helping people see things through God’s eyes- Gods perspective.

In this one year, I have met countless obstacles blogging ranging from backaches from long hours of writing and editing and re-editing to very busy and tight schedule, faulty laptop, erratic power supply, poor network, and ghost readers cum silent followers who I earnestly want to hear from but in all this I have learned a great deal just being here.

Looking back, I have become a better person by coming out of my comfort zone, letting people into my busy head and sharing what God has made me understand.

This would not have been possible without your audience!

So, this is me saying thanks to YOU who beleive in me.

You who take out time to read what I have written

You who refresh you email and peruse facebook to see what’s new from Nasalian

You who take the pain to comment and patiently wait for your slow network to post

Yet you still call to say you were blessed reading it

You who come back to my blog to check for the piece I promised but failed to deliver #amsorry

And for You my dear ghost reader, I cant wait to hear from you.

This new year I pray and plan to do a better job, to deliver great scripts and mouth watering contents that wil keep you coming for more.

I promise I wont spare you the truth but will tell it in love, unreservedly.

My posts will be more regular and I will save you the stress of reading too long posts.

And guess what…!!!

My brand new Nasalian series will be starting soon and other new segments will be coming up on the blog too and I bet you can’t afford to miss a thing.

I remain open to your comments, contributions and questions. Join me on any of my social media links let’s connect and do it again this time- in a bigger and better way!


Happy birthday to Nasalian blog!!!

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Hey there,
I am Chinasa, one fiercely loved by Christ and wife of an amazing husband.

I am passionate about not missing the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus that's why on Nasalian blog I love to tell stories in a radical and simple way.

I love to write and create insightful contents and reviews that'll leave you thinking outside the box and when I'm not reading or writing, I love to meet people, talk and travel (no sea routes please!)

Yours sincerely can stay in a room for 'forever' as long as I have spaghetti, good books, good music, and my husband😊.

So people like to think that I'm quiet but heyyyy I'm loud on paper!

One of my lifelong dreams is attending a Hillsong conference preferably in Australia and vacationing in Orlando Florida at the same time. Don't ask me how #smiles.

Join me on my blog and let's connect on other social media platforms @nasalianblog.

I'm glad you found your way here and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay; there are many rooms for you- don't forget to look around and get comfortable.

Welcome to my blog!