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Social Media and You

Hy guys, Everyone of us at one point or the other have posted on one or more social media platforms. We like to share our thoughts, experiences, pictures and even food with the world and sometimes, we just rant or simply share the moment. In fact some people actually live on social media. Haha! So …


Two little secrets about me

There was a time in my life when I was at the brink of a breakdown. 24 hours were not enough for me at all. The day would end and I would still have so much to do. I felt I needed more hours added to my day but because I knew it wasn’t possible I felt I needed a Personal Assistant, small me (lol). But seriously, I considered getting one just to keep my sanity.


Celebrating one year

Hurray!!! Nasalian blog was officially launched one year ago after so many months of not believing in myself, not wanting to be in public glare due to my love for keeping my life very private. Months of procrastination and rescheduling went by as well as delays and reconsiderations but one thing never changed: anytime I …