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African time

With so much joy, I welcome Y’all to the month of May, another beautiful month. Since it’s a new week and month, I think it’s a great time to look into the topic: African time! Does it ring a bell? I’m sure it does. We use it every day when we want to refer to …


Always Thankful

Hello Nigerians, happy new day!   If you live in the country you will understand why I had to say Happy new day! We don’t wait till 1st January to celebrate; everyday is a miracle, a blessing. Many people are struggling to survive the day and wake up hoping to do the same the next day, …


Government Work Is God’s Work

I have been privileged to work for the Government and I have observed that people treat government work with a different attitude from how they treat their private business. There is a lot of nonchalant attitude that is being exhibited in public service. We all know that every business requires dedication and hard work (among …