Title: The Smart Money Woman

Author: Arese Ugwu

Theme: An African girl’s journey to financial freedom.

Year of Publication: 2016.


Y’ll know I promised to share any goodies I come across with all my blog readers and this one is definitely not gonna be left out.

Before I talk about this book, let me first thank my dearest friend Mel who first told me about the book, she was so enthusiastic about me reading it that she had to snap some pages and send to me when I couldn’t find a copy to lay my hands on just so I could learn a thing or two (cheers to good friendships!) Finally some weeks later, I laid my hands or should I say my phone on a copy and I went wow!

A financial mess is not a place to be in, it can be very depressing and risky for a lot of folks. But sometimes, it happens to the best of us due to some poor financial decisions we made at one point or the other.

You know that no matter how much you earn, resources will always be limited so the problem with many of us is not about earning more money but learning how to manage the one we have and distribute it effectively- that’s what this book is about.

The Smart Money Woman is a story about Zuri; a young single working class lady who earns what you and I will consider as a lot of money (N600,000) monthly yet went flat broke and couldn’t pay her bills. Don’t scream yet!

I know you are wondering “How possible is that? If I earn N600k every month, all my financial problems are way over…” Wait till you read the book, then you’ll know.

Her financial troubles got really bad that she had to face shame and insults and worse still; she didn’t have any savings or investments to fall back on. Her friends too were not left out in this dilemma as each of them were in a bad (if not worse) state financially.

In this book, you will find out how Zuri and her friends took deliberate steps to crawl out of the ditch and head out to financial freedom. You will learn how to prioritize, budget, save and invest too.

What intrigued me the most about the smart money woman is the story approach Arese used in explaining the principles instead of boring us with all those “15 ways to make instant money” that ‘oyibo’ people always threaten us with.

She uses a setting we can all relate with (Nigeria) to tell a story that gives a systematic approach on being a good steward of your finances and since we are all in this country together, they are very practicable.

Finally, if you a lady waiting for one Prince charming to come in his shinning amour with lots of gold in his pocket to solve all your financial problems, this book will slap you up from your fantasy and wake you up to face reality and take charge of your life. You will learn how to spend wisely and connect with other women who have made impact.

Read this book and like Zuri, you will not only save yourself from financial mess but will also help drag your friends out of the mud.

I consider the Smart Money Woman as my book of the month and hope that everyone reads it before we say goodbye to June.

The earlier the better!


Feel free to drop your comments, questions or lessons let us know what you are thinking. And don’t forget to share.



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Have a “smart-money” week ahead!

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