Author: Kenneth E. Hagin

Theme: A balanced approach to biblical prosperity

Year of publication: 2000

Eighteen years after Kenneth Hagin of blessed memory penned down these truths, I finally get to read them.


Now I no longer wonder why people do what they do, truth is some people are really ignorant especially in the area of giving because many times, they would rather not take the pain to read a good book.

First, let me ask you:

If you get all you want, will you still want what you get? Don’t be in hurry to answer yet.

This is a thought provoking question that got me thinking deeply about all the things I want in life as I began reading The Midas Touch.

In this beautiful book, Kenneth Hagin begins with the story of King Midas who made a wish that he wanted everything he touched to turn to gold. The wish was granted and every thing he touched- flowers, food, water, every single thing turned to gold- including his beloved daughter.

Once again the question: If you get all you want, will you still want what you get? 

While it is unsafe to dwell on one extreme in life and say money is not important, it is even more dangerous to not know where the balance is because you will easily swerve into the other extreme. 

This is the point where people ask questions like: How much money should a Christian have? Was Jesus poor? Can I really get a double portion of the money I gave? What about seed sowing and breakthrough offerings? All these and many more questions plaguing the heart of the 21st century Nigerian Christian were answered from a biblical perspective in The Midas touch.

The lingering controversy about affluent lifestyles of some Christians and the church rat mentality of others were aptly addressed in the clearest of ways I have seen.

He ended the book with principles on giving drawn from the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Epistles. These truths are timeless and will guide you as you seek to live a balanced life.

So dearie, if you still raise your brows once a preacher talks about prosperity or still believe that this world is not your own and you are just passing through, I sincerely recommend you read The Midas touch. And as they say in the army, it will clear your doubts…

Do have a prosperous week ahead.

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