Book title: Love, The Way to Victory
Author: Kenneth E. Hagin
Pages: 290
Year of publication: 1994

I have been seeing this book since I was in the University and I must say I’m a little embarrased that I am just reading it now. I should have read it many years ago but I always passed by because I thought it would be one of those Kenneth Hagin’s books that will be filled with many Bible passages.

Not like I don’t like those ones, but I am always looking for stories to read and that’s what I found in this book.

Love, the way to victory is a compilation of real life stories that happened during the course of Kenneth Hagin’s over sixty years of ministry.

Many of these stories left me agape and some got me screaming. One stood out for me and got me thinking very deeply.

Pastor Kenneth Hagin and His wife were invited by another church to minister.

They only had enough money to fuel their car and they got there late in the evening, tired and hungry and with no dime on them.

They were to stay with the Host Pastor and his wife in the parsonage so they hoped they’ll have food to eat. But this Pastor and his wife ignored them and for three good days, gave them no food to eat. Can you believe that? Morning, afternoon, night!

Yet Brother Hagin was continuously preaching in this church with an empty stomach all through.

Even though he was tempted to leave angrily and call to report the Pastor to the District but the Love of Christ constrained him and he dropped his phone everytime he picked it up to call.

In fact, he and his wife didn’t even mention it to anyone and on the last day of the meeting, God led another church member to take them to his house and give them food to eat.

Brother Hagin had every right to be angry and take it out on this host Pastor. I mean! Even an unbeliever wouldn’t treat him that way. But he didn’t allow the flesh to have it’s way.

And guess what? That Pastor never lasted in ministry, he fizzled out; he and his wife!

I’ve been asking myself, What would I have done if I was in that situation? Hmmm… Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

People will do things to you in this life, they will hurt, undermine, challenge and push you to the wall as we say. What are you going to do about that? There are many ways you can repay them and get back at them such that everyone gets even and…hurt

But you see, the Love-walk that God has called us into is a lifetime walk and truly, it’s not easy when you try to do it in the flesh.

Your flesh will scream: Revenge! Malice! Slander! Get even! Pay back! Criticize! Scorn! Rejoice at their misfortune! And so many other things that will naturally make you happy and feel good but there is a better way! The way of Love!

Let me tell you seven things that will happen to you after reading this book:

You will stop speaking bad about other people no matter what.

You will learn to forgive, no matter what someone did to you.

You will love, bless, pray and do good to your enemies.

You will learn to judge yourself first before God does.

You will learn to stop criticizing people and stay away from being dragged into countless controversies that you were never meant to judge or preside over.

You will bridle your tongue.

You will win all of life’s battles with Love!

While we are very familiar with these things and have been admonished to do them severally, Brother Hagin of Blessed memory brings them home in this beautiful book with practical stories of how God helped him deal with very dare situations and still maintain his love-walk.

Don’t rush this book because it’s very practical, you can sip one or two chapters a day and let it simmer in.

I changed my mind in a lot of ways while reading this book. I gave up so many plots of revenge and things I planned to do to get back at people for what they did to me. Haha!

Now that I have let go, I found the victory that is in Christ and I won’t trade it for anything. I am on my way to repaying all wrongdoing with love and kindness and I habour no desire to get even. I win all battles with love and give the flesh no room at all.

I can’t imagine how the world will be if we all walk in love! That’s why I want all my friends to read this book. I bet your life will never be the same again.

Truly, Love is the only way to victory!

Go grab your copy and find out how.



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