Title: Every Youth
Author: Nnamdi Ozioko
Year of Publication: 2018
Pages: 138


When was the last time you read a book? Nnamdi says in Every Youth that a lot of people not only graduated from the University but graduated from reading too.

I hope this doesn’t describe you! No one should nurse a phobia for books or a negligent attitude towards reading for that is a recipe for poverty.

The first time I picked up a copy of Every Youth, I took some time to admire the feel on my hands. People like me who are learning to read don’t overlook seemingly trivial details like the feel of a book, the smell (oh yes!) and the swiftness of the beautiful brown papers as I flip the pages in admiration. This is one reason Every Youth became my companion- it’s touch is friendly.

Every Youth is for E.v.e.r.y.Y.o.u.t.h. Whether schooled or not, once you can say your name, you can read this book and if you can be on my blog, you have double qualification. The Language is simple but I promise you, it will cut through your excuses, defenses and intellectual laziness and set you on the path to fulfilling your God given destiny.

Nnamdi began Every Youth with a much needed reminder of the inevitable reality that Life Ticks. He lays bare before us how fleeting the days of youthfulness can be especially for the one who has no regard for time.

“Life is a container filled with a substance. The substance is time. When the container is leaking, time is what spills but life is what is wasted… Age is the calibration of lifespan, it speaks of the quantity that is already spent, but we may not know exactly the quantity left. Our ignorance of the amount left should put fire on our tails to use the one we have to the maximum. Time is a commodity we have and spend consciously or unconsciously. Whether you are actively doing something at any time or passively sitting and sleeping around, you’re spending your portion.”


How are you spending your time life?

Every Youth is not a book you read and put away on your shelf to drink dust and become dinner for termites. No! It is a book you begin to act on before you finish reading. It thugs at the heart of every passionate youth and fans its embers into flames.

Whether you are sixteen or sixty; if your heart is tender and your course on earth unfinished, you will find Every Youth screaming your name. You will take the pain to discover the big ‘Why’ of your life and give all you have to pursue it rather than chasing toys.

After going through the pages of Every Youth, you will be better equipped to answer the “Why?” question as Nnamdi takes you through the four burnings- The burning heart (passion), the burning hands (talents), the burning house (trouble) and the burning bush (divine encounter). These are four great pointers that will help uncover your purpose in life.

Let me wrap up with an excerpt from the Chapter on Learning to Learn: “For anyone who can’t dare reading, there are a thousand excuses but to the one who dares to read, there is always a reason. The seasons are not always favourable. Reading is work; as work, reading requires three things: discipline, time and patience.”

Which don’t you have? I wish I could lend you mine, but I need them too.

Read a book today. Read this book. Read Every Youth!


See you on the last page!

Have a book-filled weekend!

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