Being a God girl for me means so many things:

It means letting God be your first Love, letting Him teach you what real love is. One day while I was brushing, this thought came to my mind so strongly that I had to go pen it down: if you have experienced the love of Jesus as a young girl, you will have a good understanding of what real love is and you won’t settle for just any man, you will identify Love when you see it in a man.  When people ask me, how do you know when a guy loves you? I smile because the love of God in a man is unmistakable, it resolves all these questions and philosophies that modern day therapists are giving us- all those methods ‘29 ways to know you are in love’, they become unnecessary when you have sat with the greatest lover of all times to learn what love really is. When you know this, you don’t give your pearls to pigs for them to trample underfoot. You don’t seek for people’s attention, popular opinion or what’s in vogue, you learn Love from the only source and it flows through you to others.

Being a God girl means allowing the Holy Spirit produce that which is pleasing to Him in you. When people are running after the many ‘How’s’: How to find Prince charming, How to get the man of your dreams. You stay with Him, building intimacy and letting His beauty radiate through you. Sincerely, there is something about the beauty that comes from Gods presence, after his word has washed all over you with His joy welling up in your belly, after you drink deep from that sweet fountain of life, you carry this contagious glow about that make people want to draw closer to God. You don’t fret over what the heathen are fretting over, it doesn’t bother you one bit. You now have one magnificent obsession, and that’s what you are all about. Your fears and cares get drowned in His love and He leads you by His hand into the best pathway for your life.

Being a God girl in this day and age is all the more possible and simple, I used to think it was a hard and boring thing, but nobody ever gets bored with God, try it! His grace makes it easy and fun, God is actually fun to be with. God’s word, His people, His work are good company. No need to waste time pursuing one fleeting pleasure or the other. Only God can keep your heart away from ungodly men, but that’s when you give it to Him with reckless abandon.

God girls seek God, we chase after the one who has already caught us, we pour out all our love and life to Him.

Being a God girl is not looking gloomy and unkempt… mbanu (No!!!) God girls are sharp, beautiful and joyous! Knowing we are His Princesses we carry this dignity around, it doesn’t come from how many people are saying that we are beautiful, but from the knowledge of who we are in Christ and what his love has accomplished in us. God girls are fierce lovers, we love real hard and deep, we don’t do all those ‘small children drama’(petty flings and godless relationships), there is no need for that. We allow God write our love story.

Being a God girl means understanding our place in Christ and in the Home, we don’t struggle for all these equality people are struggling for, there is no need for that. We know our place and we fit into it perfectly. We understand what God wants us to do in the family, church and society. We know our place; we know the order as it is in God’s word. That’s where we gather our wisdom from.

Being a God girl is not old fashioned, not at all. It is being Christ-fashioned just like my friend Itunu ( would say, letting Christ shape your values and mindset. It is thinking like Christ and seeing things through His eyes. It is loving like Christ and spreading His fragrance to the many thirsty souls. God girls are relentless, passionate and focused, we don’t settle for less than God intended for us.

Are there any God girls in the building…(Holla!!!!)

PS: Jamie Grace did a song God girl . Its a beautiful one, you should play it more often you know!


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