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Stories You Can’t Tell

“Testimony time!” Bolanle was the first to raise her hand as the moderator of the service announced and immediately asked her to proceed to the altar. With her fully glammed face beaming with smiles, she grabbed the microphone: “Brethren, join me and thank the Lord, I just finished my NYSC last month and went for …


Social Media and You

Hy guys, Everyone of us at one point or the other have posted on one or more social media platforms. We like to share our thoughts, experiences, pictures and even food with the world and sometimes, we just rant or simply share the moment. In fact some people actually live on social media. Haha! So …


Dear Woman

Globally, one day has been mapped out in a year to celebrate women all over the world. But what amazes me is how for the other 364 days in the year, the same people talk bad about women. ‘Women are scum” “Women are materialistic” “Women are foolish”


Book Review: A Marriage Beyond The Dream

She was 15, He was 17. You would say they hit it off rather too early and I think I agree. Worse still, they weren’t born again so they practically married as unbelievers. Oh, did I forget to mention? They were both from broken homes but today they can boldly say they are living the dream in their marriage- after over forty years.


Wash Your Feet

There is this practice in Bible times where if you had a guest, the first thing you offered him was water to wash his feet. This was because their major means of transportation was by foot or using a Camel along the dusty desert roads. So it was pertinent that every visitor received this treat …


Shopping For Your Big Day

Hy Ladies, Pulling off a wedding ceremony in recent times is not an easy feat especially if you are not using a planner, and even if u have one, you may still need to be involved in buying things. Weddings involve the entire family, friends and loved ones, hence adequate preparation is needed. It’s a …


Dear Bride to be

I remember the first time I sat with my fiancé in our first marriage counselling session. The Reverend gave us an assignment for each of us to write down what we wanted from the other person as a spouse, stating it clearly and starting with words like “I want Emmanuel/Chinasa to…