Hello sweethearts,

It’s another beautiful week and guess what, I have a question for you:

Are you still in vogue? Are you trending? Or have you become old fashioned?

First of all, let’s get things straight; What does it mean to be old fashioned?

To be old fashioned does not mean wearing decent skirts or going with your natural face as many think, NO. It doesn’t mean being well mannered and refusing to be wild and ‘smart’ like other girls.

To be old fashioned means to be conformed to the world, to think and live like the world .

It is to let yourself be like the people of this world, being repeatedly molded by, fashioned for or patterned together with this age. (See Romans 12:2)

So what then does it mean to be in vogue?

Being in vogue means continually updating your knowledge of God’s word and his ways. Wait, did I just make the letters bold? Yes, it’s that important!

Being in vogue is to constantly pursue the word, to go after it with all your heart. It is determining not to become stale with the experiences of yesteryears; both the glories and the failures. It is pressing on towards the mark of the high calling of God upon your life.

So many times we think we have known God, we read John 3:16 and already know all the meaning there is to it. Sometimes we don’t even bother opening to the passage because we can recite it. But you will agree with me that anytime you approach God’s word with meekness of heart, it is new and fresh. That’s what I am talking about- the newness and freshness that comes from the word, that’s what keeps you in vogue.

Being in vogue means using the word to colour your world.

For me, trending in life is not about using the latest cars, wearing the latest design of clothes or using the latest phones, it is not even about being popular on social media. It is in continuously growing in the knowledge of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Being in vogue means walking more and more in love than I did yesterday. It means spreading the fragrance of Christ everywhere I go.

If all you have is a shallow knowledge of the scriptures or a residual of the Rhema your Pastor shared months ago, you are becoming outdated. Girl, you need to upgrade your life.

Being in vogue also means understanding purpose, living at your maximum potential, walking in wisdom and discretion. It has little to do with your make up brand, cologne make or even your type of hair extension.

The kind of clothes or shoes you wear are only an expression of what is in your heart so instead of striving to meet up with the latest fashion, strive to renew your mind with God’s word, read good books and listen to messages that will build you up and enrich your soul.

Being in vogue is having a value system coined from the word of God. It is learning to approve the things that are excellent and  using the word to colour your world.

Sometimes I get into a fight with people when they tell me that times have changed and things are different, that the world is advancing and I need to be in vogue by agreeing with things that are clearly against what I found in God’s word.

For example, if you still join the society to believe that you can’t stay pure as a young lady, that you must always yield to the flesh, hmmm… you really need to upgrade your self with the word.

Being in vogue means to busy yourself with living out God’s purpose and plan for your life and not obsessing yourself with the latest celebrity gossip.

It’s funny how some people know the latest happening in the Kardashians’ family yet they don’t know the latest working of the Holy Spirit in them, they don’t know what the word of God says about them. They have become old fashioned in a bid to keep up with the Kardashians.

I want to kindly remind you to pursue the things that really matter in life and not expend your energy on vanity. Pursue knowing what God has said about you and living it out, filling your world with the knowledge of the glory of God, building and equipping yourself with all the skills and information that you need in life.

the newness and freshness that comes from the word, is what keeps you in vogue.

Don’t waste your time following celebrities, and fighting to keep up with them, you can’t; it’s just a sheer waste of time. If you meet me, I can tell you their end already; it’s in the bible, you don’t need to stay glued to the television all day to find out what will happen in the end.

Finally dearest one, now that you know what it means to be in vogue, don’t ever let anyone access you by his/her definition of ‘vogue’. Let no one talk you down because of your different value system that is light years apart from theirs, they are the ones that are old fashioned not you.

If you are continuously growing in Christ, you are in vogue. But in case you are still standing on the fence wondering which camp to join, please join the Christ-fashioned ladies so you won’t become old fashioned; that way you will always remain in vogue.

Have a blessed week.



God loves you fiercely!




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