Hello Nigerians, happy new day!


If you live in the country you will understand why I had to say Happy new day! We don’t wait till 1st January to celebrate; everyday is a miracle, a blessing. Many people are struggling to survive the day and wake up hoping to do the same the next day, but let me shock you; this is the best time to be thankful. Physically speaking, this is hard and difficult in times like this, but I learnt something recently that has made me to thrive. That’s what am sharing.


I found this treasure in God’s word:


1 Thess. 5: 18 No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is Gods will for you who belong to Christ Jesus (TLB)




I remember when I used to complain a lot about Nigeria, this one is happening and that one is not happening, Buhari did this, Buhari did not do that. But recently, I realized that I should spend my time and energy giving thanks rather. This is what am saying to us again today, No matter what happens, always give thanks.



When I was still at home, I had a family friend who would come to the house and complain from beginning to the end (it rubbed off on me eventually). He was always complaining, telling me all the things that were wrong with Nigeria, how Buhari did this and that (lol) and I will be listening, nodding my head, affirming his prophesy and drowning my faith. This continued for days until one day He came to tell me how he needed some help (financial) to pass his exams. He wanted to give the lecturer some money, he claimed he wrote very well on the course but the lecturer had told them earlier on that nobody will pass it and so it happened, he failed, others too except those who ‘sorted’.



Though I refused to partake in it, but I discovered that he was doing more harm to Nigeria than Buhari (who he so much criticized), much unknown to him. That harm will kill the country faster than anything you can imagine. Before you scold me for saying that, remember that this is the same thing he will teach his children to do, he will encourage his friends to do and even do more than that if occasion demands. That was when I realized that I have been listening to the wrong person.


Why did I tell this story?


I too had a part to play, I always agreed with all those things he was saying. I grumbled along, intermittently both in my heart and verbally. If only I turned those times of complain into sessions of thanksgiving to God, I would have stirred up faith in him so that he would stay strong and believe God and not get to that point of bowing to the god of this age just to pass his exams (he was Christian). His faith wouldn’t have been weakened if I countered those words with declarations of faith and thanksgiving.



There is something a thankful heart does to you; it makes you see God in EVERYTHING.


It makes you see that all things are working for your good, that God is in the midst of the storm, that there is a blessing in the midst of the hardship.


You can’t give thanks and complain at the same time. 


Complaining weakens your faith, this is what happened to this my friend. God doesn’t like it when we murmur and grumble (Heb 3:8-11). It shocked me what happened to the Israelites because of grumbling and crazing for what they desired (Psalm 78)


No matter what happens, always give thanks.


It is not an advice, it is a command. It know it may seem hard and difficult, it may even sound like am trying to deny reality. No, am sharing Gods counsel with us. It is Gods will for us to be thankful. He knew that all these would happen yet he commanded us ahead of time.



Don’t grumble like the people who don’t know God and have no hope. We have a God in Heaven who rules over the affairs of men. Don’t complain like the unbelieving, those who have accepted that they are finished and there is no good for them in this country. If you are sure you belong to Christ Jesus, then this command is for you.



Though things may not be how I want them to be, but I give thanks, not so that my thanksgiving will move the hand of God but because the hand of God is already moving in my favour and in the good of this country and He has commanded me to give thanks through His word.



When the bad news looms, fuel prices go up, tomato is scarce, price of goods triple, dollar flies up high into the sky and all hell let loose. Just give thanks. Always give thanks and never stop giving thanks.


God is at work and he won’t stop until all becomes well with Nigeria.





Much Love


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