One of the most neglected Christian disciplines is prayer! People will prefer to do every other thing but pray.

Have you ever wondered why our Sunday services are packed but only a handful attend the prayer meetings?

I guess one of the reasons is a wrong understanding of prayer and the fire brigade approach many have to prayer.

If your personal prayer times are boring and you always run out of words or get tired, it means you need to go beyond seeing prayer as a duty to seeing prayer as a delight.

The only way to do this is to pray with God’s own words.

The understanding that I must pray God’s words back to Him has changed not just my view of prayer but the way I pray.

I now pray with more precision and an even greater assurance that God hears and answers- and believe me, the results have been amazing!

Praying with the Scriptures is the way God intends for us to declare His name and His Lordship over every situation in our lives.

Do you know that consistently reciting large chunks of Scriptures like the Psalms has tremendous power more than many hours of misguided banter.

What am I saying? As good as our desires and ambitions are, they don’t weigh much in the place of prayer! The only thing that matters is that the word of God is on our lips and in our hearts.

And guess what? The word is intelligent, active and powerful! It knows what’s best for us.

The word is able to discern our innermost thoughts and release God’s power to bring the purpose of God to pass in our lives.

Whether it is a job, wife/husband, promotion or healing you are praying for, find scriptures that declare what God has promised and continually confess them.

The word works- every single time. The word knows what you need and has the ability to deliver it to you.

Your own words are small and myopic when compared with the word. They are limited to what you can think, feel or see, but the word is unlimited.

Instead of painting a picture of what you want with your words, why not go to the word to find what you need?

Your prayers are more effective, focused and produce greater results when you pray with the word.

Let me leave you with this story my husband told me. When he began praying for a wife, he found a Scripture in Genesis 41.

It is not a verse you’ll pass off as one partaining to marriage but God’s light shone on it and he knew it was for him.

He consistently prayed and confessed it until the word became flesh and gave birth to me #smiles. When I came along, I fit into the word and fit into His life too.

What could be more beautiful?!

The kind of wife/husband you need is there in the scriptures; instead of looking at the movie screens, find it in the Scriptures. The life you need to live is not on Facebook, it’s in the word! Find it in the Scriptures.

This week and always, I pray God to open your eyes so you’ll find all the answers you seek in the word and receive heaven’s best for you.


Have a blessed week ahead.






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