“Why do you ladies always carry big bags?”

“What is always inside those big bags you guys carry?”

Hello friends,

Have you ever been asked this question or something similar? I have and you can guess my response “You won’t understand”.


The content of our bags have remained an endless mystery to the male folk and since many ladies will not allow a guy to dip his hands into their handbags or even see what is inside, the guys have not stopped sniffing around just to get a glimpse and unravel this mystery. Some ladies even go as far as saying that it is an abomination for a guy to be found searching a ladies handbag. Hahaha… sorry guys.


Anyway, the truth is that the content of our bags is an awesome mystery and you cannot fully understand it, dear young man. So stop trying hard to peep and see, and stop looking at us like we are carrying human heads in there #winks#. But trust me, it’s not your business and you may even scream if you find out what is inside, so we are only saving you some high blood


I have a friend who has a particular handbag that can comfortably solve any puzzle that may come up in the course of her day. In fact at one time she told me, “Nasa, with this bag now, I can go to London and spend three days comfortably without shaking, all I need now is the travel documents.” I laughed my heart out.


That’s to show you how ‘equipped’ our handbags can be.


Now my dear ladies, while you stuff your handbags with all the ‘goodies’ that can last a lifetime, here are five things I consider vital and should not be missing inside that holy chambers:


Journal; a small notepad to write down your thoughts as they come. The truth is that God speaks to us through the events of life. It may not always be an audible voice, but an idea or a lesson can drop from something that happened at work, school or something someone said, you need to write it down. Sometimes when you postpone, you loose great ideas and thoughts and you may not get them again. This has really helped me a lot, some of the things I write about today, I penned down a sketch of it months or even years back, and the ones I jot down today, I will need tomorrow.


Some people also like to plan their day on paper; more like a to-do list containing the things they hope to do during the day. I tried it a few times and it helped ensure that no stone was left unturned. Sometimes I get so busy that I may need to write down the people I need to call or text and my notepad is always handy.


Touch up; well, by touch-up I don’t mean a make-up kit. I mean you can carry something like your lip gloss and a small mirror especially if you are going to have a long day. Don’t let yourself go through the day looking like the whole world is on top of your head. Just a little freshening up, like some white powder will do. I don’t also mean you should go about the day “re-emphasizing” your make-up like you are in for a beauty contest, in fact some of the times you may not even use them throughout the day, but just carry it. Someone else may need a little lubrication on his/her lips especially in this harmattan.


Tissue paper; this has been saving a lot of lives since 192…lol, you really need it my dear. It is a multi-purpose instrument in the life of any lady. You get what I mean right? Both for cleaning a dusty sit rather than using your beautiful dress and for using the rest room, it is very important. Just imagine if your stomach decides to start running in the course of your day and you don’t have a tissue close by… hmmmm I pray for you my sister, may the Lord show you mercy. Amen!

A novel/book; this one is very important. Have you ever been to the bank only to meet an endless queue and suddenly you realize that you didn’t come with any book whether hard or soft copy? Kai, it’s not a funny experience! You will exude a lot of anger from your face and transmit it to everyone around you. Next thing, you will notice that the hands of the clock will start moving like a snail; one hour will seem like eternity. No, you can’t let that happen, you shouldn’t waste valuable time stirring at the ceiling, your time is too important. Rather, you should be  drowning in the pages of a good book especially a novel and before your favorite character gets killed, it will be your turn on the queue, you will look up to find the cashier motioning for you to hand in your details and you will be all smiles.

This is also important if you are traveling, waiting for someone or less busy anywhere.


Mint; you need a chewing gum or sweet, something minty to maintain a fresh breath especially if you have left your mouth closed for a long time, say you were in a seminar, lecture or meeting. It’s not a must but you need to have it handy, someone else may need it and I’m sure you will be glad to help. You cannot open your mouth to talk to someone about Jesus and the person is fighting against the principalities of bad breath, mbanu, don’t come and go and spoil the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hehehe


These are the five things I believe should be given the ‘high table’ in your handbag. Feel free to add other things you consider essential in the comment box so I can quickly slip them into mine. Yea, what are friends for?




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