Usually, I don’t cry while seeing a movie because I constantly remind myself that a lot of things in there are not real and when I see my friends crying, I laugh at them and be like “Be there crying while the actors are busy enjoying their money.” That way, I kept my eyes dry and maintained my “James Bond” title until I met some movies that were not just movies but God’s way of getting to our hearts.

So a lot has changed and three movies have brought me to tears: “The pursuit of happiness”, “Love comes softly” and “Miracles from heaven.” I cried buckets in these movies and did myself the disservice of seeing each of them late at night only to wake up the next morning with a bad headache and swollen eyes.

The movie “Miracles from Heaven” is a true life story of God’s incredible love and sovereignty.

It reminds me of 5 important truths:

God alone is God and we are not!

This is the biggest lesson I have learnt in my adult life. Many times I have tried to play God by claiming to know and understand why things happen and also give an explanation for every situation, but I have been confronted with situation after situation that I couldn’t explain in any way. It was difficult to admit but I finally came to that point where I allowed God alone to be God.

There was no logical explanation for why a ten-year-old who loved the Lord so dearly would be afflicted with such sickness and pain and trying to explain it did more harm than good, so Annabelle was caught in between her love for God and the excruciating pain she was going through.

When you are in a difficult situation or have a friend who is in one, stop trying to understand and explain why things are the way they are, it’s no use; it’s best to admit that some things don’t just have any explanation and that at the end of it all, all things will work out for our good and the glory of God (John 9:3).

God is at work, every single time.

The way God arranges the events of our lives is so beautiful I can’t explain it in English. I have experienced many supernatural occurrences in my life that were unmistakable acts of God, no man could have done them and at the nick of time too!

When it seems like your back is against the wall, God knows how to make a way for you. He knew how to use Annabelle’s friend in school, the ticket man at the airport, the receptionist at the hospital and the waitress to do what only him could do. In the same way, He brings in each character to play their role in the script of your life.

Miracles happen everyday.

Don’t wait for the lame to walk and the blind to see before you recognize that life is a miracle.

Like Christy Beam (Annabelle’s mum) said in the movie, “Miracles are everywhere, miracles are goodness, miracles show up in the strangest of ways through people who are just passing through our lives, miracles are dear friends who are there for us no matter what, miracles are love, miracles are God and God is forgiveness. You are not alone; miracles are God’s way of letting us know that he is here.”

Be the miracle in other peoples lives.

When that little boy left his game and friends to go and stay with Annabelle, when the waitress cancelled her schedule for the next day to take Christy and her daughter for the tour, I felt I needed to do a lot more of those seemingly small acts of kindness to those around me.

It’s so easy to get comfortable and wrapped up with all that is happening in our lives and forget to be a blessing to others. Don’t let yourself into that trap, rather choose to be God’s hand of help to someone else, that may be all the miracle they need!

Every groan reminds us of home.

We live in an imperfect world and shouldn’t blame God for terrible things that happen, rather it should stir up our longing and hunger for our real home where there is no pain or suffering. Pain is not meant to drown our faith but to remind us of home.

So dear friends, next time you are faced with a difficult situation, look closely; God wants to show you his supernatural power and love. He is faithful, he won’t forsake you!

If you haven’t seen Miracles from heaven; please do so and if you have, you may need to see it again (I just did) and don’t miss the lessons this time, there are a thousand more!

Hit me up and share what you learnt in the comment box… I am all ears!




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