Why you don’t need special prayers these “-ember” months



If you live in Nigeria like me, you would have seen lots of programs targeted at waging wars against the spirit of -ember months because of the perceived need for special prayers this month and in the months to follow.

This is because we have been taught and made to believe that -ember months are terrible months. Months where more blood sucking demons are deployed to cause more accidents on the roads. So, many of us refuse to travel or reduce all journeys to the barest minimum because ‘we are in -ember months’.

Some people go as far as anticipating misfortunes, loses, more deaths and other terrible occurrences in the coming months.

As for me; -ember months are months that the Lord has made and I will be glad and rejoice in them.

What I am saying is that this new month is like every other new month, don’t suddenly become demon conscious or calamity conscious.

The countless promises of God are not month-sensitive, they are valid all through the year so don’t wait till September to walk in them and then forget about them in the non-ember months.

Praying and studying God’s word is the lifestyle of every Christian; don’t start a fire brigade approach because we are in -ember months.

In the same way, the continual doing of good is a healthy lifestyle. A sudden increase in church attendance and night vigils is not necessary if you haven’t been doing them or if they are only geared towards fighting the demons of -ember months.

News flash:

There are no special demons for -ember months, the devil is always at work but alas; our God never sleeps nor slumbers.

So the next time the fear of -ember months come knocking at your doorstep, remind yourself that the Lord who brought you this far will never leave you nor forsake you. He is your God regardless of what month of the year you are in.

And one last thing; -ember months are beautiful months just like every month of the year; let’s not make a monster out of them.

Welcome to September #hugs.

The Lord bless and keep you!


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