Hello Ladies, would you marry a man like your Father?

This was a question I came across on Facebook some months ago. The answers that followed left me wondering where our Fathers have gone and I began to tell myself the truth that my own answer wouldn’t be so different. Girls were not smiling at all:

“Holyghost fire!”

“God forbid!”

“Never ever!

“Over my dead body!”

Some even went ahead to rain abuses on their Father (dead or alive) and you could see that many ladies are disappointed, hurt and displeased with the picture of Fatherhood they have been shown.

There were still a few who said yes, though a hand full; so I will not debate that there are some model Fathers out there who are doing a great job.

But we live in an age where model Fatherhood is scarce and constantly being threatened.

Many men are eager to get married and start having kids, but are they able to fit into the big shoe of Fathering another human being? Do they understand what the name “Father” means?

One of the things I am passionate about is Fatherhood… It’s funny because I am not a man but God knows that I am very passionate about our homes having Fathers that are like Christ. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I love the most to call God “Father”.

To me, the name “Father” shows a relationship that is not casual or shallow. It shows ownership, love, deep affection and blood connection.

A lot of us in this age grew up with absent or irresponsible Fathers but thank God that He is not like that. He is close, concerned and caring.

When I call him Father, it reminds me that he owns me; he brought me into the earth and I carry his DNA. It reminds me of a confidant, disciplinarian and leader.

Yes, he made the galaxies, the cattle on a thousand hills, the sun, moon and skies. He is so great and mighty but the moment I call him Father, it’s like everything in heaven and earth stops and it’s just me and Him.

He may have many great matters to attend to and preside over, but he listens to me hook, line and sinker. I rant. I fume. I sing. I cry. I cringe. He listens. He cares about the details!

There are things I may not be able to tell any man on earth but I can tell my Father. He is a safe place from all the challenges of life, a shoulder I can cry on and never get hurt.

Being my Father, He guides, leads, instructs, protects, teaches and disciplines me. He understands my frame, yet loves so fiercely that he gave his life for me.

His love is a strong  tower and refuge for my soul, the safest place I can place my hopes for this life and eternity to come.

If you among the many who weren’t privileged to have a model Father, or you didn’t even know who he was, you have a great heavenly Father who will be all your heart longs for.

For me, in the word Father is everything I want in life. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

I pray you find same in him.

Do have a beautiful weekend.

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I am Chinasa, the one whom Jesus loves. I am grateful for the finished work of Christ, passionate about not missing the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus and longing to spread the fragrance of Christ.

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