When we love, we live

We breathe and move

For this, we were made

For this we were chosen

Not just when we love our lovers

Not just when we love our family and friends

But when in patience we love,

When in pain we love,

When in trials and tests,

When hurt, we still choose love


This is hard and requires hard work

But it is hard for the fleshly man,

That one who still tries to do the work of love in the flesh

But, to the man who lets the greatest lover of all

Love through him,

To love is to live

It becomes natural just like breathing

It becomes simple like living.


We give it to those who cant earn it

We give it to those who donโ€™t deserve it

Because we understand:

We cant earn it, neither do we deserve it

Thatโ€™s what makes love simple, yet profound

So we live to love

Because to love is to live

For God is love

And to live is Christ.


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