Overtime, I have struggled with what exactly to pray for this Nation, sometimes the troubles in this country are just too much you don’t even know where to start from. I realized that sometimes we don’t even know what we need and those things we may think is the problem may not be the real issue. I found this beautiful prayer in God’s word and I believe that when we pray with the word, the word works. I have heard people say that prayers are not enough, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray, your prayers are actually powerful and we must not ever stop making them for our nation. That time we spend complaining and grumbling can be turned into heartfelt, fervent prayers for the Nation. The murmurs can be turned into sincere whispers to the Holy Spirit to pour forth wisdom on our Leaders and commands to the Angels of God to carry out His assignment on our Nation. We cannot relent in interceding for our Nation especially in times like these.

You can pray in this manner:

May God reveal himself to our President and the leaders of this great Nation. They will grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and abound unto every good work. The fear of God will grip their hearts and minds and cause them to deal righteously with the Nation.

God will endow our president and all the people in public offices with His justice and His righteousness.

They will lead from state to state with uprightness. The land wherein we dwell shall overflow with peace and prosperity.

May the resources that God has given to us bring prosperity to the people, the mountains and hills will bring forth the fruit of Righteousness, and the rivers shall overflow with love, joy and unity.

May our leaders defend the suffering masses and care for the children of the poor and needy. May they speak against any oppression from the other Nations.

In the days of our dear President, may the righteous flourish and May prosperity abound till the end of times.May kings of distant lands bring tribute to him and present him with gifts.

May other nations respect our president and listen to him for God will use him to fight the cause of the needy and oppressed who have no one to help them. He will take pity on the weak and serve them through his righteous policies.

He will rescue them from oppression and violence for the blood of the people will be precious in his sight.

Our leaders will live, may people ever pray for them and bless them all day long.

May grain abound in this Nation, throughout the lands; from the east, west, north and south, on top of the hills and in the valleys, may there be fruits and abundant crops.

May our cities be as full of vibrant, loving and hardworking people as the fields are of grass. Men and women of wisdom, united and devoted to each others good.

Then all the Nations of the earth will be blessed through Nigeria and they will call us blessed.

Praise be to the Lord God, who alone does these marvelous deeds. Praise be to His name forever, may the whole earth be filled with his glory. Amen and Amen!!

 Culled from Psalm 72 & other promises of God.

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