In my last post, I talked about how God expects us to exercise faith in him against all odds in this new season we have found ourselves in. Now lets look at the ‘How’

When I first began walking with God, I had issues with consistency because it was looking like a routine for me, so I started looking for short cuts. I mean how can read your bible, pray every day be the inexhaustible key to growing. It seemed simple but I wanted the easy way out. I have found out that there is none. It’s that same children department Sunday school song. It hasn’t changed. As your love for God grows, so will your love for his word grow. I don’t understand how one can claim to love God yet make light of his word. Now that you have left school, you must continue with the word.

I know you did one week fasting and prayer before you finally left for home, I know you went yonder (as we used to call it then) and sought Gods word for your life. These things are very good and I really encourage them. But you must not stop going ‘yonder’ even. The food you ate in school is not what you are living on today, in the same way, you must not solely depend on that past spiritual nourishment to survive the times you are in now. This is what kills many. You were a papa or mama in school, beautiful. And you gathered enough for the journey, wonderful. Don’t drown in the sea of your past. You must continue to grow and seek God for yourself. That faith you had to raise the dead back then in school must be continually fed, I know God used you to do great and mighty things, but this is time to humble yourself so God can do even more through you. His word is new and fresh every day, it has directions for your path. You will find grace and strength as you drink from that ever flowing stream. If you leave Gods word, you will struggle with so many things, you will be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.

Secondly, you need to keep surrounding yourself with godly friends, people of like minds. Don’t just drop those wonderful friends you had in school who sharpened you and challenged you to seek God. There is always this tendency to lose touch, but do well to keep in touch, you need each other now. Thank God for different social media platforms, you can always connect with each other. In addition to that, get more people wherever you are now. They may not be like those you met in school, but you will surely learn from each other.

Thirdly, show Jesus:  As you leave school, you will definitely not be in the same company of your tongue-talking fellowship people, you will meet people that will challenge your faith and make you feel that you are in another planet (you will be shocked to find out you may actually be). This is an opportunity to show Jesus, you may be working with people of different beliefs and religion, let them see the Light, there is no point hiding. In fact Light cannot be hidden, it cant help but shine and illuminate all around it and beyond.

I was met with many common philosophies that were clearly against Gods word, yet people believed them because ‘that is what is obtainable here’, I kept on countering them with Gods word. I learnt from Pastor Bankie that you shouldn’t use your circumstances to explain away Gods word, rather use His word to configure your circumstances and bring them in obedience to Christ. This applies to everything we are doing, whether work or business. Don’t melt into these societal philosophies, let people know you believe in Gods word and stand by it even if it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Lastly, you know those beautiful books and messages you were taught to read and listen to, please don’t let go of them. You can be washing and listening to a message, or cooking and listening to a message. You may also have a lot of time on your hands now, grab good books (check my reviews for some of them) and devour them. Keep adding to your faith (2 Pet 1:5-11). This way, you will keep being fruitful and relevant.

There are just so many things you can do with this time. In fact you may find out that you will be busier than you were in school. You can take up lessons to learn certain skills, languages or trade. Am sure you don’t want to keep asking mumsy for every little kobo, so get your hands muddied. It’s a beautiful season of your life. That waiting period is a golden opportunity to prepare you for the continuation of your journey, its really beautiful, don’t let it waste away. Even if what you prayed for is not coming as soon as you expect it, God is still at work, He hasn’t forgotten you and never will. Welcome to the outside world!

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