The Sword of the Spirit


As we draw our study on “The whole armour of God” to a close, we are reminded to take up the word of God in our fight against the enemy. Remember that Jesus overcame temptation by the word of God. Without God’s infallible word, we are defenseless against the devils traps.

When we speak God’s word, the Holy Spirit uses it to bring down strongholds of the evil one. The word of God is so powerful it can save, heal, deliver, create and even destroy.

Your prayer times should not be filled with human words, as much as you have list of things to pray about, learn to speak God’s words back to him. Sometimes our own words are not enough or they are out rightly inappropriate but you can never get it wrong with the word.

The Spirit knows what the will of the Father is, the word goes ahead to create it.

Never get weary of speaking the word just because you think you are not getting immediate results. The word works all the time! The word in our heart and mouth, consistently believed and spoken guarantees victory.

Finally, speaking God’s word should not be limited to our prayer times alone. It should become a part of our daily conversations, part of our daily ligua franca and even become the answer we give to the questions of life. That, I believe is the way to live victoriously.

Don’t be an empty Christian, waiting for others to pray for you or trusting in the covering of your parents or pastors. You have God’s full armour at your disposal, take it up and fight like a warrior that you are. There is so much more God has in store for you that you will never discover if you don’t step out of your comfort zone.

God bless and keep you in His love. Amen

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