The Readiness for the Gospel of Peace


Hello friends,

It’s been an exciting journey on our study through “The Whole armour of God” and today we are looking at having our feet shod with the readiness for the Gospel of Peace.

One vital word we must notice is the word “readiness”. Everyone is not called to Pastor a Church or plant one, but every Christian is called to be ever ready to proclaim the faith we profess.

What is this Gospel of Peace? It is that our Lord Jesus Christ died and rose again for the redemption of all and anyone who comes to him will experience peace but outside of him is continuous trouble and wars.

We must always be ready to take this message beyond the walls of the church and our hearts to the dying world.

No matter how international organizations and Philanthropists try to fund peace projects in our world, they will always fail to give lasting peace. Only the Gospel can provide peace and prosperity for a nation or people and we must be ready to propagate it.

This is our answer to the news of turmoil the enemy throws at us. It is dangerous to remain silent when we should declare God’s peace.

We must deliberately and consciously push the gospel of Christ into places where men don’t know Him. By our giving, our physical presence and support, We are making a statement of faith that is a big slap on the devil’s face.

If you are a Christian and your resources, prayers and lifestyle are not making any contribution towards the propagation of the gospel of our Lord, then you are saying that you are in the opposition camp.

We must be ready to declare the Gospel of Peace through our lifestyle. When men hurt us, we must forgive and make peace. When we are treated wrongly, we must not fight back like the world does, this is what differentiates us from them: our ability to let go and let the peace of God sweep through our lives.

This, I must admit is very easy to type but not so easy to practice. That is why the Bible talks about our readiness. When we supply the readiness, God supplies the ability and grace to do it. But this won’t happen when we are not ready, when we are still holding on to our ‘right’ and being stubborn and unyielding to Him. We must be ready then God will show his power.

Go about your life and work this week with a contagious readiness to spread the Gospel of Peace and God will pour out his grace on you.

Do have a blessed week!

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