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JimPoet's Yard

Hello Nasalian readers,

I have a big announcement to make. Can you guess?

I am a big lover of poetry and my reason is simple…words!

Words are a vital tool in the transformation of our soul and renewal of our minds.

So let me ask you:

What have you been listening to?

I love words especially when they are neately constructed and nicely served.

They bring healing, hope and joy to our hearts. Words have a way of reaching to our souls in a way few other things can.

Words can shape our perspective and form the basis for our values and principles.

This is why I am super excited to announce a brand new segment of the Nasalian blog “JimPoet’s Yard”.

JimPoet’s Yard is a spoken words and poetry segment where I will be featuring JimPoet, a Poet and Spoken words artist who has an uncommon way with words and a message for our generation.

Whether you a lover of poetry or you have a penchant for spoken words, JimPoet will be here every Friday not to bore you with deep, high sounding superfluities but to challenge your mind, inspire your soul and enrich your heart.

He is not just gifted with words but he also has a passion to cause a change in our generation with the words God has placed in his bosom.

So you see, the best place to be on a Friday is in JimPoet’s yard right here on Nasalian blog.

It’s a ride you don’t wanna miss!

Keep the date… Every Friday!!!

See you there.

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