Christianese 7

Running away from reality was one thing I was very good at. I kept telling myself that all was well even when I knew deep down that it wasn’t so. The more I thought about all that happened, the deeper the hurt I felt so I decided to sweep everything under my breath and bury […]


Book Review: I loved a Girl

Book Title: I loved a girl Author: Walter Trobisch Pages: 124 (paper back)       This beautiful book is a private correspondence containing a story of love and its many battles in all sincerity, honesty and openness.     When Walter and Ingrid Trobisch came to Africa on a missionary journey, they met a […]


Christianese 4

I kept struggling with the big bag I was carrying till I got into my apartment. I regretted not letting that barrow guy help me out when he offered, but it wasn’t really my fault. I had no extra money to pay him; all I had was the money for the keke driver who would […]