Christianese 21

“I really don’t know what to do, Inenna. My dad just left the room now, he is very angry with me” She managed to say. “Calm down and talk to me Fatima, what happened?” “He said he noticed a change in my behavior so he wanted to know what’s happening. When he asked if I […]


Christianese 20

We got to Bro Daivd’s apartment some minutes past five O’clock. We met a handful of friends exchanging pleasantries and of course taking selfies. I spotted the celebrant on the left side of the room; he was flanked by two ladies as they posed for several shots. He wore a brightly coloured and flowered traditional […]


Christianese 19

“Madam, e get one man wey dey find you, im dey outside.” “Me?” “Yes madam” I followed our security officer outside wondering who it was that came looking for me. I wasn’t expecting anybody so I couldn’t guess, I wondered why he hadn’t let whoever it was in and insisted on telling me first. “Oga […]


Book Review: The Pilgrim’s Progress

Book Title: The Pilgrim’s Progress Author: John Bunyan First Published: 1678   Talk about an old book that still speaks to countless lives today, talk about The Pilgrim’s Progress. It will be a difficult if not impossible task for me to write a good review on this masterpiece in these few words, so I have […]


Christianese 17

Sister Tope was next to give her testimony: “Brethren.” She began “As you all know, I have been looking for a job for some time now. I  have attended several interviews, in fact in the last one, I did so well I was sure I will get the job. But the MD asked me to […]


Christianese 14

Tega pulled his mini truck in front of our office as I looked from my window. I couldn’t pick the face of the other guy in the front seat but his form looked quite familiar. Tega or Mr. T as we fondly called him was our Human resource manager who worked with our head office […]