Reluctantly Adulting Episode 4

Kamsi and Philly began seeing each other more often. He didn’t ask her out officially and she didn’t mind. As for her, she was enjoying the moment. Philly wasn’t as mean as she thought. He was a nice guy and like Dorcas would say…”he doesn’t bite.” They would go to the movies together on weekends …


Reluctantly Adulting Episode 3

Kamsi concluded that all the things she wanted in a husband would never be found in a Pastor. She still couldn’t understand how Chiagozie, a helpless romantic would agree to marry Pastor Elijah. She concluded he must have used his anointing to intimidate and cajole her into the marriage. He most likely would have told her that God told him to marry her. Nobody would ever do that to her. Never!


Two little secrets about me

There was a time in my life when I was at the brink of a breakdown. 24 hours were not enough for me at all. The day would end and I would still have so much to do. I felt I needed more hours added to my day but because I knew it wasn’t possible I felt I needed a Personal Assistant, small me (lol). But seriously, I considered getting one just to keep my sanity.


Reluctantly Adulting Episode 1

He was nothing like her dream man and besides she already imagined that her dream man would not ask her out on their first meeting. It would be a normal ‘Hello-Hy’ meeting after which they would part and then by what she likes to call ‘divine coincedence’, they would meet again after a week or two and a spark would fly through her stomach


After the wedding

Hey guys, Breaking News…!!! Drums rolling….. I am so excited. Guess what? A lot of my friends got married this year and trust me, I loved seeing them say I DO. Some weeks ago, I buzzed them and asked them to share their thoughts about life after the wedding and they gladly obliged. So today, …