My Reviews: My Love Diaries

Author: Itunu Taiwo

Theme: Discovering the treasures of intimacy with Jesus.


This beautiful book flows from a heart that has been captured by the love of God. In it you will find the treasures gleaned from deep intimacy with Jesus.  Itunu Taiwo shares her personal story of how Gods love transformed her into an entirely new person and is still working in her to conform her to the image of Christ. It is a book that will stir up a strong desire in your heart for intimacy with God. I found in this book practical life experiences of how Gods love and forgiveness can flow through us if we let Him.



While reading this e-book, I was offended by a friend and I happened to be reading the chapter on Love does not keep record of wrongs. Though I knew about this before, but God used this chapter and the story she told to remind me of his word when Jesus was talking about going to make peace “…if your brother has something against you…”  It didn’t matter who was wrong, I had to go make peace. God expects us as His sons to go and make peace, you have to be intentional about it.

Have you ever heard about “waltzing with God?” I heard this from her for the first time. A beautiful love dance that two people in love dance where one leads the other and he follows the rhythm, there is a sync between them. Have you ever had this experience? God wants to dance with you!

You will also learn how you can be an open book before God; you will understand that God is that friend you have always wanted. You can get to that point where you don’t hide anything from Him because He is everything to you, your hurts, failures, successes, mistakes and all. He knows about them, but still wants you to go ahead and tell him about them.

This book is love-stained! Every line leads to the greatest lover of all time and draws our heart into that place in God where we were carved out from. Nobody encounters this love and remains the same. That’s what this book is about- A life changed by Gods love.

You too can have this beautiful experience, in fact every Christian should. I read it and didn’t even want it to end because I could relate to it very well. Please get your copy (just 1.0MB), its super free.

You can download it from her blog site: and also find other beautiful stories of God’s love, grace and forgiveness.


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