The remarkable things ordinary people can do when they let God use them!

I read this beautiful book few months ago and found every of the 194 pages an interesting adventure. It opened my eyes to deep truths about life, new ideas that have never entered my mind before. For me, this book was like the wakeup call I needed at that moment.

Like the author rightly said, Holy Sweat is like a paradox! How can all that smelly stuff that pours off us when we exert ourselves be Holy? Holy reminds us of our highest calling and the sweat reminds us of the constant change and renewal involved in the process of our getting there. Holy sweat reveals that the holy is here within us, waiting to pour out of us and that it is much assessible than we ever imagined. It’s grace with blisters, and redemption in overdrive.

In the second chapter titled turning our theology into Biography, he quoted Paul Brand who said “God is asking us to be the chief bearers of His likeness in the world. As Spirit, He remains invisible on this planet. He relies upon us to give flesh to that Spirit, to bear the very image of God’. You and I know so many Christians (sometimes ourselves), they attend church, many bible seminars and conferences and keep building spiritual muscles but they don’t use them for the very reason they were created. It’s actually possible to transfer the things you know to become the things that are seen in your life and will be written about you. Our theology must become our biography, not only because the world needs to hear it so desperately but also because that was the supreme example God gave us in Christ-The Incarnation.

Am already writing so much, but let me share this finally, in this book you will discover the great things God can do with ordinary people when they surrender their ‘sweat’ to him. He makes it ‘Holy’ – for His Glory!

There is just so much in this book that am tempted to pour out all the pages here for you to read, but I can’t. So please get a copy and let God use it to bless your life.


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