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Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on a subject that has been on my heart for a while. It’s about our priorities in life.

Our lives can get cluttered, and filled with so much stuff that we sometimes can’t pick out the things that really matter. We easily mix things up and get entangled with things we should have no business with.

This happens majorly because we are all caught up in a rat race. We are in an endless cycle of chasing, getting, chasing harder and getting more. This is a vicious cycle that leads us back to where we started from. Hence what should be a priority easily gets swapped for frivolities.

Let me ask you an important question: Have you found out what matters most to you in life? That which you will give up everything else for? That for which you will live and die?

This is what should be top on your list, it should occupy your dominant thoughts and retain first place in your life. We must beware of falling into the trap of replacing the things that matter the most with things that appeal to us now.

Thing is, misplacing our priorities doesn’t happen overnight but gradually, just like a slow fade, we find ourselves caught in a web we may never get out of.

If you have misplaced your priorities as we all have done at one point or the other in our lives, you may be asking: How can I set my priorities right?

First of all:
What really matters the most in your life?
This is an important question we all must answer. This is what informs our choices and decisions in life. When you find out what is most important to you, you are on a path to setting your priorities aright.

Everything you do in life should add up to the ultimate priority of your life. This will help eliminate lots of unimportant and subtle distractions screaming at you.

You have no mates in life
A good understanding of this truth is a cure for peer pressure and unnecessary drama in life. Things may be happening in other people’s lives and you are tempted to loathe yourself and wonder why yours is seemingly dry.

Knowing that our paths in life differ will help us live one day at a time and douse the noise from the society. Hence you deliver yourself from the temptation to pursue what others are pursuing even when it’s working for them.

Unclutter Your life
This is the crux of the matter. It is the one thing nobody will do for you. You have to take decisive actions and not meddle.

Here is what I mean:
You can’t do everything, be everything to everyone or be in all the places you crave for. But there is that one thing you can be and do per time. Focus on it instead of chasing after the wind. Pour all your energy into it and give it your best shot while you can. That’s priority!

Rid your life of frivolities for they drain your energy and clutter your life with unnecessary baggage. Unclutter your life!

You are no super man/woman. Learn to pick your battles and face them one at a time. Learn to rest and receive everyday as a gift. Learn to drop things you don’t need and keep only what’s useful. This will help keep your mind free and focused while keeping your eyes on the mark.

It’s so easy to misplace our priorities when we keep biting more than we can chew. It’s so easy to leave the important and focus on the urgent. This may appear convenient and comfortable but it’s a dangerous place to be in.

Finally dearest one, life can get busy and sometimes messy but it’s our duty to keep our heads above the waters and our eyes ever fixed on Jesus. This, for me is the only way to remain sane and relevant in these changing times. That way, every other thing takes its rightful place and He alone becomes our utmost priority. Then and only then can you get your priorities in order!

Think about that.
Cheers to a blessed weekend.

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I am Chinasa, the one whom Jesus loves. I am grateful for the finished work of Christ, passionate about not missing the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus and longing to spread the fragrance of Christ.

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